10 Reasons To Declutter Your Kids Toys Every Month + FREE DECLUTTER GUIDE

10 Reasons to declutter your kids toys every month

If you are reading this then that probably means that your kids rooms can get out of control pretty quickly. When I first became a parent I was so overwhelmed by it. My kids can accumulate so many things.

I have had to get into the habit of decluttering their room of toys and clothes regularly. I find that if I don’t declutter their rooms on a regular basis, it becomes out of hand and that can make your home and you and your kids feel in disarray.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be decluttering your kids rooms on a monthly basis.  (Also, don’t forget to download my FREE Declutter Guide at the end of this post!)

     1.  Less Mess less stuff means less mess doesn’t it? The less toys they have the less mess they will leave around for you to step on. Which brings me to #2.

     2.  It’s dangerous – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into my kids playroom and almost tripped over a race track or a doll house and almost fell flat on my face. And don’t even get me started on the legos. OW!

     3. Promotes creativity – When your kids have less stuff they become more engaged in play with the toys that they do have. They don’t ‘surface play’, where they move quickly from one toy to the next. Research shows that the more toys kids have the harder it is for them to choose what they want to do. There are too many options and they become overwhelmed. With less, they get creative and imaginative and engage deeper with what they do have.

     4.  It’s stressful – Looking into a messy room full of clutter can make you feel stressed. It can also make you feel a little unaccomplished. Before I started decluttering my kid’s rooms I used to feel as if I could be cleaning all day and at the end of the day it STILL looked messy.

     5.  It’s time-consuming – Piggybacking off #3 – having clutter to clean up every day is time-consuming. It can be exhausting and make you feel like your work is never done.

10 Reasons to declutter your kids toys every month

     6. It’s physically unhealthy – One of the many reasons that I decided to start decluttering the kid’s room was because my son started having asthma and allergy issues. Clutter can hide all sorts of germs and dust that can affect your health.

     7. More family time – fewer toys means less stuff to deal with which means more quality family time.

     8. Last minute guests –  Before I decluttered my kid’s toys I used to cringe at the sound of a doorbell when I wasn’t expecting it. Toys used to take over the entire house. Now we welcome unexpected visitors. 🙂

     9. More appreciative kids – Even though the kids will have fewer toys they will take better care of the ones that they do have. My daughter’s have just a few stuffed animals that they take care of like their babies. Before decluttering there were stuffed animals and dolls thrown about everywhere.

10.  You save money – As time goes on you become more frugal when it comes to buying toys because in your mind, more toys = clutter.

Those are my 10 reasons you need to be decluttering your kid’s toys every month. Want my step-by-step guide on how to declutter your kid’s rooms? Sign-up below to get my free step-by-step guide! Also, be sure to watch our Declutter video on YouTube!  Subscribe for more cleaning + decluttering videos (SUBSCRIBE HERE)

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