11 Things To Do After Your First Baby is Born

things to do after first baby is born

I love lists! They help me stay organized and feel less stressed. After my 22 Things To Do Before Your First Baby is Born post I thought I’d give you the 15 things you need to do AFTER you bring your little bundle home.

  1. Make baby’s first appointment – Call ahead and make an appointment with your pediatrician ahead of time to be sure you can get in. Baby’s first checkup should happen right away, usually within 3-5 days after birth. The pediatrician will check growth and weight and there is usually bloodwork that is done at this time. Take this time to also ask any questions that you have.
  2. Prepare for illness – You don’t want to think about it I know! Thinking about your little one sick or feverish is scary. I remember when my first baby had her very first cold and fever. I was so scared and nervous but being prepared helped ease some of that stress. There are two things that are on my must-have list for new moms. A humidifier and a nasal aspirator because you just never know when the sickness will hit. The BabySmile Nasal Aspirator is a hospital grade nasal aspirator that is user-friendly and designed for home use. All you do is plug it in and press the ON button and it gently sucks the mucus from the baby’s nose. You might be thinking of using the manual nasal bulb aspirator that they give you to take home from the hospital but let me tell you – kids hate those, not to mention, they don’t work well. The suction force cannot be adjusted to your baby’s needs and a fight usually ensues. The BabySmile Nasal Aspirator has three settings of suction and is similar to what they use in the hospitals. It’s worth the money because you can use it for years as they grow. I used this on my 3-year-old when she had a stuffy nose last week!
    the best nasal aspirator for babies
  3. Get a diaper subscription – A monthly delivery of diapers actually exists and it’s awesome! You can get a huge discount on diapers buying this way than if you were to buy them retail at the grocery store every few weeks. Diapers are one of the things you will ALWAYS need for the first few years of life so it only makes sense to get these delivered monthly. You can have them delivered monthly (like we do) or you can extend it up to 6 months. We get our diaper subscription from Amazon here. As a Prime member, we get an additional 20% off! You can get a Prime membership here. It’s awesome. We buy so many baby things online that the free two-day shipping saves us so much money a year.
  4. Call Insurance – Be sure to call your insurance to report the birth of your baby. Typically they will give you a 30-60 day grace period of reporting a birth, then you usually have to fill out   paperwork and send in required documentation to continue coverage for your baby.
  5. Get to know Common Illnesses – This goes hand in hand with #1. Get to know common illnesses that babies get and what signs to look for that they might be getting sick. You can download a free ebook 20 Common Baby Illnesses HERE.
    things to do after first baby is born
  6. Make your first appointment – Make your post-pregnancy appointment for 6 weeks with your gynecologist. Your doctor will want to check your healing.
  7. Learn to baby wear – Babywearing is not only great for the bond between a mother and baby, but you will be so grateful for the extra time you get during the day to do your own things. Anything from cooking to cleaning, I have done both while wearing my babies! Babywearing will give you free hands and a relaxed hip. Babies are happier too! It’s a proven fact that babies sleep better and are soothed faster when being carried and are close to their mother. I learned to wrap my babies in their wraps by watching YouTube!
  8. Take newborn photos – You don’t have to go all out, even though you might want to, but get some photos while they are this tiny. You will be amazed as to how quickly they will grow out of the newborn phase. You can read my tips on how to photograph your newborn at home here. Be sure to get some photos with your baby too!

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  9. Ask for help – Don’t feel guilty or bad if you need to ask for help. Whether you need some help maintaining the house to needing 30-minutes to yourself to leave the house to get some air. You just made a tiny human! It is blissful and beautiful, but there are times where it can feel overwhelming. Taking a breather, even if it’s just a tiny while, go for a walk while dad watches the baby or go get yourself a coffee. You will be amazed at the difference of just how much that little breathing time makes.
  10. Learn infant CPR – This was in my 22 Things To Do Before Your First Baby post but I’m including it again here because it’s so important. My pediatrician once told me that it’s not a matter of if but when your baby will put something in his mouth that isn’t supposed to be there. Your baby may not mobile yet but they soon will be and once they are they will want to put everything in their mouths. Being prepared for everything that comes along is key. Even if you feel like your eyes are on your baby 99.9 % of the time, it can and will happen. You need to learn baby CPR just in case you ever need it.
  11. Enjoy the newborn phase – It can be hard, there is now someone that needs you for everything, but your baby is going to grow out of this phase so quickly that looking back it will seem like a blink of an eye. Hold your baby close and tight for as long as you can, because before you know it they will be walking and running and you will think back to these days and long for the time they actually let you hold them.

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