10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts Every Mom Needs on Her Registry

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

1. Portable Baby Cradle – The perfect portable little cradle. It’s memory foam so it’s super soft and comfy for baby. The best part of it is that it is small enough to fit in a diaper bag, it rolls up and packs up nicely while still keeping its firmness. That means you can take it everywhere with you and you will always have a soft place to put the baby when you have your hands full. the most unique baby shower gifts to give a mom to be


2. The Baby Shusher – This is a white noise machine except that it mimics the shooshing that moms and dads to when they put their babies to sleep. And after three, I can attest that the shooshing actually does work! Baby Sleeping Tips for New Moms and The Baby Shusher Giveaway

3. Heated Changing Pad – This is such a great invention! When babies are just born they can’t regulate their temperature on their own, which is why they need to be bundled even when you might feel warm. Think about a little warm baby being unwrapped from his or her swaddle about to be changed. This can make for an unwelcomed surprise. With a heated changing pad your baby is unwrapped from their warm state and placed onto a warm and cozy heated pad ready for changing. the most unique baby shower gifts to give a mom to be

4. Shopping Cart Hammock – Because grocery shopping with a baby is so hard. Not to mention the lack of space in the cart for your actual groceries. This shopping cart hammock is the perfect solution! You can see how we used our shopping cart hammock here. Binxy Baby Baby Hammock Hammock for Grocery Cart

5. Flower Bath Tub – Oh my goodness, have you seen these flower bath tubs? They are so adorable, how can you not love a chubby little baby in a flower bloom. 🙂 Baby in a flower bath tub

6. Baby Name Puzzle – The perfect nursery decor and it also doubles as a great activity once the baby gets a little older.

the most unique baby shower gifts to give a mom to be

7. Reusable Milestone Baby Board – You know how you might want to get a baby board made for each milestone? That might get pricey if you want to get one made each month. With a reusable baby board, you can reuse it, update it each month and take your monthly baby photos. the most unique baby shower gifts to give a mom to be

8. Weighted Swaddle Sack – I have this one from the Nested Bean. Once my little one grew out of the swaddling phase we searched for a good alternative that would help him sleep just as well. It’s weighted so it simulates a mother’s touch. Nested Bean Zen Baby Sleep Sack Reviews Help Baby Sleep Better at night Baby won't sleep

9. A newborn photography session – You know I had to mention this, being a photographer and a mom-tog since I had kids. 🙂 This is a precious gift that the parents will cherish forever. They don’t stay this little forever and a newborn photography session will preserve this special time in their lives. Baby Lennon's Birth Story Latina Mom Blogger

10. Kangaroo Pouch Shirt – Because when they are this tiny you want to hold them as close as you can for as long as you’re able to. Unique Baby Shower Gifts


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