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4 AMAZING No-Bake Breakfasts for the Busy Mom

no bake breakfast ideas for busy moms hispanic mom blogger parenting blogger
This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Being a work-from-home mama doesn’t always leave me time to eat a cooked breakfast. My kids can eat pancakes every single day, me, on the other hand, I need variety. Over the years I have experimented with different no-bake breakfast recipes for myself and I am sharing with you the few things that are on repeat most mornings.

  1. Oui yogurt – If you have not tried Oui yogurt then you need to. It’s amazing! The name translates to “yes”. In French, it’s pronounced “wee”. Oui yogurt is a French style yogurt by Yoplait that was inspired by their traditional French recipe. The taste reminds me of the frozen dessert yogurts – it’s so good! Oui is cultured in each glass pot for eight hours and that creates a thick, creamy and cuttable texture. Try it first without stirring it because the best part about it is the thick and creamy texture. This is also perfect for some much-needed me-time during my hectic day.

  2. Strawberry Overnight Oats – Overnight oats are my favorite way to make oatmeal these days. I used to do the stove top cooking of traditional oats and then I saw this recipe where you just put all the ingredients into a jar with fruit and in the fridge overnight and you wake up to delicious breakfast! My favorite thing about this recipe is that she makes different batches and stores them in jars, this is the perfect way to serve the kids too! The recipe calls for yogurt, so I can only imagine the deliciousness with what it tastes like using Oui yogurt! I can’t wait to try it!
  3. Dressed-up Apple Slices – Cut some apple slices and top it with peanut butter or for us (because of allergies), we use sunflower butter. Then you can top with anything else you like! I have topped it with strawberries, chocolate morsels, granola and coconut shavings. It’s so yummy and easy. My daughter’s love this too!
  4. No Bake Breakfast Cheesecake Cups This recipe combines yogurt and cream cheese – yes please! Top it with your favorite fruits and put in cups you have an amazing no-bake mini-cheesecake! I like to make the crust and filling on a Sunday evening, fill some cups and put them in the fridge for my breakfast for the week! Have fresh fruit on hand and you can have a different mini-cheesecake every day. Thank you to Yopait for sponsoring this post! Oui has a unique, thick and creamy texture and is subtly sweet with a fresh taste. It’s available in eight single-serve flavors (Strawberry, Vanilla, Blueberry, Peach, Black Cherry, Coconut, Lemon, and Plain) and two multipack flavors (Strawberry and Vanilla). It is made with whole milk, there are no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources. The plain flavor is made with only two simple ingredients: milk and cultures and the fruit flavors feature real fruit on the bottom.
  5. no bake breakfast ideas for busy moms hispanic mom blogger parenting blogger

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