5 Day Money Making Blog Start-Up Day 2

Let’s Get Started

Now that you have your domain decided on, it’s time to get your site up and running!

A quick note about the hosting cost. You will need to pay for your hosting for at least a year up front.  Bluehost and its basic plan can run you around $50-$100 a year, but keep in mind this is a small price to pay for a business that you own and can grow to make you money from home. This is by far the best deal out there right now when it comes to hosting plans.

Click here to choose your hosting plan. 

BONUS!! Once you do start a blog using my link above, send me over an email when it’s up and I will help you promote your new blog on my Instagram stories as a way to help celebrate the launch of your new blog!! This can help get your blog in front of some new readers!

I have used WordPress since the beginning and I would not recommend any other platform to start a blog on. When you use Bluehost and follow the process below you will have the most current WordPress version installed on your blog. Then comes the fun part. Choosing your style and theme!

Now let’s get into the details and I will walk you through step by step in getting your first WordPress blog setup.

Step 1: Click here to register with Bluehost. 

By purchasing through this link you will receive the best price of hosting + a free domain! YAY!

Step 2: Selecting a Plan

Once you click the link above you will see this page. You will need to select a plan. I recommend going with plus or prime just because of the options. Domain privacy is included in Prime and basically, that gives you the option to keep your personal information private and hidden from your public domain information. If it’s not in your budget then go ahead and select the basic and you can always upgrade later.

Step 3: Get a Domain

If you have not purchased a domain elsewhere then choose I Need a Domain Name.

Step 4: Enter Your Account Information

The next step is to enter your account information. Be sure to use an email address that you check regularly because this is where all of your login/account details will be sent.


Your plan is billed for annually and I always suggest going with the 36-month price option because it’s the best price and it keeps me from having to renew my account every year. Even if you are just starting out I still recommend the 36-month because it’s the best value and you can cancel at any time and receive a refund if you decide you don’t want to use Bluehost any longer.

Step 5: Enter Your Billing Information

The last step here is to enter your payment information.

Congrats!! You have started a blog!!

Be sure to check your email to find your welcome emails and save them. If you purchased a new domain with your hosting account then you will also need to click a link to activate your domain.

Step 6: WordPress Installation

This is your blogging platform. Trust me when I say you will be very happy you started on WordPress. I know so many people who get to year 2 or 3 or even later into their blogging career and they find that they have to switch in order to make some serious money. You don’t have to do anything here, Bluehost will automatically start installing WordPress for you so you can get started working on your blog right away!

In the next step, Bluehost will ask you to select a theme. You can do this now or you can set it up later.

Check your emails because Bluehost will send you all of your login and account information that you will need. Check your spam folder!

That’s it for getting it all setup! This is a HUGE step forward! Tomorrow we are talking all about navigating your new blog as well as some other important things you will want to do to start creating your online business!