Oil Changes on a Budget

Quaker State oil at Walmart Latina Mom Blog Review
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Today I am talking about where to get oil changes on a budget.

Quaker State oil at Walmart Latina Mom Blog Review If you’re like me then you’re always looking for a deal espescially when it comes to car maintenance. I don’t know anything about car repairs but in my household I handle the maintenance of our family car. We use our car every single day, whether it’s transporting the kids to ballet class or grocery shopping I need it to work and work well.

When I am looking around for car maintenance deals the first place I check is our local Walmart because they typically have the best deal on oil changes using Quaker StateOil. The other day we headed to Walmart to purchase the DIFM (Do It For Me) oil change. I love using Walmart for oil changes because it’s so easy to drop the car off, do a little shopping and then come back to get it when it’s done.

I have found that, through all my years of taking in our family car for oil changes, Quaker State Oil at Walmart is the best oil for the best price at just $19.88.

Quaker State oil at Walmart Latina Mom Blog Review The Quaker State Advanced Durability Motor Oil Message says that the true test of the oil comes with the thousands of miles of stop-and-go traffic. It’s the idling, and extreme temperatures that are the true tests of toughness. These are the types of test that Quaker State puts their motor oil through.
Quaker State oil at Walmart Latina Mom Blog Review

We rely on our car for everything! When dad is at work it’s just me and the kids, so I am the one taking the family car to get the tires checked and get the oil changed.

Quaker State oil at Walmart Latina Mom Blog Review

Here are the top 5 reasons I LOVE my car!

  1. It helps me keep my sanity when sisters are fighting and baby is crying. I just load everyone up in the car and tell them we’re going for ice cream. Immediately the sisters forget what they were fighting over.
  2. It allows some structure each week. While most days are about free play and running around the house playing dress up, painting and playing with dolls, we get to attend ballet class down the street each week. This gives girls a little structure during the week.
  3. It is the FIRST SUV I’ve ever owned. 🙂
  4. It gets us safely to where we want to go.
  5. We get to go visit los abuelos down south!

We put our car as one of our top priorities in our household! As a busy Latina mom I don’t just want our car to run smoothly, I NEED it to run perfectly when I am running errands with the kids. I have fond memories of our family car when I was young. Not only was it a way to do fun things with my mom, like grocery shopping or going out to eat, but we had one trusted car growing up and if it broke down we stayed home, so I grew up appreciating it and know that car maintenance is so important. Our car was what gave us the opportunity to travel and see the beach! We frequently got together with our big Latino family and took trips to the beach. It was some of the best times. I have the same dreams for my girls. We’re planning our first extended family trip to the beach next summer!

Get your Pit Crew Oil Change with Quaker State Oil at Walmart for $19.88!

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