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6 Ways The Instant Pot Has Simplified Our Meal Planning + Free Meal Planning Printable

6 ways the instant pot can simplify meal time

First, I have to say that this is not a sponsored post. Instant Pot did not send me a free pot to review and blog about. I simply just LOVE my Instant Pot and I really feel like ALL MOMS NEED ONE. Seriously. This device has changed my life! Ok, that may sound a little dramatic. I mean really, how can a cooking device really change someone’s life? But it has.

The Instant Pot as changed our entire meal planning and it has also helped me manage everything else in our home because of the little prep + watch time it takes to cook something in the instapot. I have three little ones, one 18-month-old who is on the run every second of the day he’s awake. I have very little time to thaw, prepare raw meat, cook and watch food on the stovetop. The instapot has saved me hours of meal prep time and some sanity during my days.

6 ways the instant pot can simplify meal time

Here are just 6 ways having the Instapot has changed my life! Also, don’t miss the giveaway at the end! 

1. Simple dinners – I use the instapot multiple times a week for both lunch and dinner. But when it comes to dinner, it’s really helped us with meal planning for the entire family. We have simplified our choices and we now look for meals specific to the instapot! Pinterest is the absolute perfect place to find instapot recipes! We also now use a meal planning sheet that goes in my household binder that helps me plan out our meals each week. It’s been such a stress reliever for me. You can download my FREE meal planning printable at the end of this post.

2. No more thawing – The instapot cooks frozen meat without the need for thawing! How amazing is that? I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to thaw the meat in order to make dinner on time for hungry bellies at my house. We throw frozen meat in the pot to cook alongside other goodness and the meat comes out perfect and tender just as it would on a stovetop. We make chicken and rice with broccoli about once a week because it’s something everyone loves to eat and it’s so easy with the Instapot. I just throw in some frozen chicken breast with rice, broccoli,  water + spices and it comes out wonderful. So easy and quick and it’s ready in 12-14 minutes!

3. Yummy desserts – Because I have the instapot I now make yummy desserts more often. 🙂 We have made mini-cheesecakes << these are always a huge hit, rice pudding and banana bread. Yes, you can even make bread in the instapot! And everything comes out amazing!

4. Less dirty dishes – The household chore that I absolutely dislike the most is washing dishes. With the instapot I only have to clean ONE POT versus multiple pots and pans that have cooked different things on the stovetop.

5. It’s not just for dinner – Morning time is one of my busiest times as a work-at-home mom. I have emails to check, kids teeth to brush, diapers to change and make breakfast. I don’t have time to cook an elaborate breakfast on the stovetop, with that said, cereal sometimes just doesn’t cut it. I use our instapot to make cream of wheat and oatmeal all the time. Just throw in the milk and oats or grains and let it cook for a few minutes, and I’m talking 3-4 minutes – breakfast is done!

6. Eating healthier – Because I have the instapot I am now making things that I used to buy in cans, from scratch! My son has many food allergies, so his diet is limited. He has his favorites though that he eats multiple times a week. He loves black beans and I used to stock up on store-bought canned black beans until I realized that I could start making my own black beans for him in the instapot! I used to grimace at the store bought canned black beans label because of the amount of salt it contained, now I make them myself for him and not only do they have so much less salt than the store bought ones, but they are tastier too!

6 ways the instant pot can simplify meal time

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