#Ad: My Girls Are Hunger Heroes | Get Them Started Early!

#Ad Hunger Heroes; Get Them Started Early
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My entire life I have dreamed of having a family, and then raising my family in a home that actively gives back and does goodwill. I grew up being very involved with charities and volunteering with non-profits. I was doing everything from starting my own animal rescue to volunteering for many years at our city’s annual Thanksgiving dinner that helps feed our homeless. I have always been the type of person to want to DO something, something to help others in some way.

Now that I have my own family, I want to start them young and get them involved in doing good now so that way they grow up knowing this as a way of life and something that you just do and don’t ask for anything in return. You just give when you have and you help others who are less fortunate than you are.

During the month of August, when you visit Sams Club and purchase Tyson® Fully-Cooked Chicken Nuggets 5 lb. bag, a KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 7.25 oz. 12-pack, and a Capri-Sun 6 oz. 40-pack, Tyson and KRAFT will help feed a child in need.

#Ad Hunger Heroes; Get Them Started Early

This initiative is about turning families into superheroes, and tapping into the incredible power of giving. We were more than happy to purchase these items to help feed hungry kids in our local community.

#Ad Hunger Heroes; Get Them Started Early

I recently discovered a great service offered by our local food bank. When school is out, low-income children don’t have the access to the free or low-cost meals offered by our schools, and families sometimes have a hard time providing nutritious food for their children. I can completely relate to this. It seems like we are at the grocery store multiple times a week and spend hundreds of dollars and run out the next. It can get expensive, and with multiple kids, everything adds up. Our food bank reports that there is an increase of requests for emergency food in the summer when kids are out of school.

The summer food program sets ups sites throughout the city in low-income neighborhoods. The sites can be setup anywhere from churches, daycare’s to apartment complexes and libraries. Food is then served to school age children during certain hours of the day. What kids don’t like juice, macaroni and chicken nuggets? It sounds like my toddlers lunch EVERYDAY.

#Ad Hunger Heroes; Get Them Started Early

I think this it’s wonderful what Sams Club, Tyson and Kraft are doing to help fight hunger. I am also grateful to have come across this special program in our local community and that my girls were able to contribute. My toddler is barely 2, but she understood that we were doing something good. I told her that we were helping hungry kids get some food, and that there are kids that don’t get to drink juice or eat macaroni or nuggets all the time like she does, and so we were taking them some of our food, to share. On our way home we stopped to get something to eat and she said – mom, mom, hungry kids, and she lifted up her the food she was eating. 🙂 It’s never too early to start them on the path to being little heroes.

#Ad Hunger Heroes; Get Them Started Early

#Ad Hunger Heroes; Get Them Started Early

On her way out she wanted to carry the empty bag that we filled with juice box cartons and macaroni boxes for the kids. I could be mistaken, but I think she felt proud of herself of what she had just done. 🙂

There are upcoming food demos coming up featuring Tyson & Kraft at all Sams Club stores on August 23 and 24th. If you are nearby you should definitely stop in and check them out.

Check out this fun Hunger Heroes game where players can win prizes! And the Facebook Hunger Heroes page to see more about this great initiative. #HungerHeroes #CollectiveBias


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