Apertura sync phone photo app

Are you like me in that you take so many photos of your family that there are literally thousands of photos buried somewhere on your phone or even your computer and you don’t know exactly where they are? You remember the moments, but when it comes the time to search for them you can scroll and scroll and scroll endlessly and still never find them. I take so many photos, not just for myself but also it’s really my job. Being a social media mom I take photos daily for the website, Instagram and product and promo photos for companies. For a while now, I have wished for a better way to organize all my photos.

This is my current phone storage. 6,120 photos right now and I swear I just got this phone. Photos stack up so quickly.

When the maker of Apertura contacted me about reviewing the Apertura photo app I was excited to learn that this app does just what I have been needing! Apertura is an app that finds all those photos, securely stores them and organizes them for you so you can see any of your pictures from any device with just a couple of taps. The app syncs all of the images that you have on any your devices including old computers, phones, tablets and laptops. The app also detects when new photos are taken and will organize those too! So it’s easy to go back by by year, to month and even to the day the photo was taken. 🙂

Apertura sync phone photo app

Apertura finds new photos on your devices, syncs and organizes them. Download Apertura on your phones, tablets and computers. Whenever the app detects new photos it will automatically upload them to your account and organize them by the date they were taken. You can add your own tags to add more organization and make them searchable.”

I love that you can even add tags to make your photos searchable!

Apertura sync phone photo app

Download the Apertura app here. It’s currently compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10 or download it on the iTunes App store.

And it’s coming soon to Google Play for all you Android users. 🙂

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