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Baby #3 Hospital Bag

Packing the baby #3 hospital bag

We are getting close to baby time! We are now just 6 days away until we meet our new little one. 🙂

I thought I would share what’s in my hospital bag for baby #3!

Packing the baby #3 hospital bag


First up, the camera bag!

Hospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

I am taking my Canon EOS 6D along with my favorite lens, the Sigma 35mm. This is what I use at most of my photography sessions, and although we take a lot of photos with our cell phones I just have to bring my big camera because nothing beats the quality and now that we have little ones old enough to know what’s going on, I know that I have to capture their reactions to the new baby. 🙂

Baby Clothes

We’ve been using these Summer Infant Swaddle Pod’s since our first was born. They are so convenient and cute. They bundle up baby so tight, just like they like it. In addition to the Swaddle Pod’s, we also like their Swaddle me Wraps to wrap baby in. These are small size, so they may be too big for him right now but we use these a lot during the first few months.

I also really love the Chick Pea brand. The colors and designs are just adorable and soft. Everything I see when I think of a soft and precious newborn baby. I am taking some of their Swaddling Blankets.

I also really love the Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets, the colors are so bright and the blankets are so soft so I am taking one of those as well.

We love everything from the Precious Firsts by Carters line. So I am taking a few of their onsies for him.

And a soft and cuddly blue blanket that we received as a gift at our baby shower.

Hospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

Mama Clothes

I didn’t have a strict list here of what I wanted to take for myself. I had been so focused on getting the baby things together that I didn’t really plan what I wanted, but ultimately just think comfort and if you plan on nursing, nursing tanks and tops are a MUST. They make things so much easier. I have a few that I have from Target that I’ll be bringing with me.

I also just recently got the Soothe Shirt from Lalabu that I cannot wait to try out. It is a shirt with a built in pouch for baby. Think mama kangaroo? 🙂 It says it’s wonderful for newborns and it has a built-in nursing bra. I can’t wait to try it out. 🙂

The rest of the things for me are comfy things like my favorite pairs of pajama pants, comfy tops, a robe, comfy socks and clothes to leave the hospital with. Now don’t go and pack your favorite non-maternity outfit either because you will still have a baby bump when you leave! 🙂


Pregnancy Oils

Hospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

I’ve been compiling a list of what essential oils I want to use during labor and after when the baby’s born and this is what I’ve come up with.

A diffuser. I plan on diffusing a combination of Peace & Calming + Lavender during labor.

Valor – for use on my belly when the contractions start.

Tranquil roll-on – on my wrists and chest to help calm any anxiousness.

Gentle Baby – because this one can be used on myself and on baby if needed. I will use it on myself as needed during labor for calmness, on my belly and skin as needed or when nursing to help soothe baby. I also made a belly balm with this – similar to this recipe, that I will be bringing with me.

Joy and Stress Away are two of my favorite oils that I use daily. Stress Away – self explanatory. Joy is good for baby blues. Although I have  been fortunate enough to have not experienced anything extreme, baby blues are definitely real once you are no longer pregnant and your hormones are trying to regulate. Joy can help those feelings.

Energee – self explanatory. 🙂 I use this daily too.

Peppermint – This is my go to headache buster. I take this one with me everywhere as a just in case so this is going to stay with me.

Hospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

I have a few of these already pre-diluted in rollers in my oils pouch, but for the rest I’ll bring my carrier stick for easy application.

Toiletries, Makeup, Extras and things for Dad

Hospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

I am bringing along my makeup bag and toiletries. My hair straightener and some dry shampoo. I don’t plan on spending alot of time getting ready but for photos and things I want to look a little prepared. 🙂 Plus, i can put the basics on in about 5 minutes and be set for the day. We are bringing the cell phones, phone chargers and snacks for the room. The husband’s change of clothes and toiletries.

I’m also so excited to try out my Milk Snob! I’ve seen this all over Instagram. It’s a multi-functional cover which can be used as a car seat cover, a nursing cover or you can even wrap baby in it. 🙂

Don’t forget to install the car seat!! This is something we haven’t done yet but will be doing today. 😀

Also I wanted to do something special for my girls when they first come to meet baby – because I know everyone will be all about baby when he’s here. The last time I was at the hospital for a different reason, I stopped by the gift shop and saw these two adorable little bears with shirts that say – “I’m The Big Sister”. I thought these were so cute so I got two of them and these will be gifts for the girls from the new baby. Scarlett has been saying she’s very excited and cannot wait to see the baby, so I may even get them something they can give the baby from them. 🙂 I think they would like that. 🙂

Hospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and DeliveryHospital Bag Must Haves and Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

That’s it for now! I hope this post was helpful when planning your bag. 🙂


disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links. also, please do your own research when using essential oils for yourself and your family. we have done our research and are confident that the oils we are using are safe for our family. not all company of oils are safe to use so please make sure you are getting your information from a reputable source. Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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