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Back-To-School Shoe Shopping

payless own your style hispanic mom blogger
This post is sponsored by Payless. All opinions are my own.

My daughter is attending Kindergarten for the first time this year and she is so excited. I might be slightly terrified thinking about it all. It’s going to be such a huge change for all of us, we are so used to having her home with us all day. But her excitement really overshadows any freak-out mom moments I have. It’s been exciting for me too, going through the motions of all the back to school prep and shopping. I can’t wait to hear all about her first day.

payless own your style hispanic mom blogger

We headed to Payless to get her some new shoes for school. They have such a great selection. it’s my favorite place to shop for the kid’s shoes. I know that I can get my three their own pair without breaking the bank either.

payless own your style hispanic mom blogger

She really loved the Classic Airwalk sneakers. They are so stylish and comfortable. When she tried them on she said: “they’re just my style”. 🙂 So, of course, we had to get them. She also found some comfortable tennis shoes called Kangaroos. We love the comfort of these shoes. She loves the look and the colors, they even match her school colors. Although she’s only 5, she knows what she wants and I love that Payless has on-trend shoes all year long.

payless own your style hispanic mom blogger

Her KangaROOS tennis shoes that she picked out are called KangaROOS for a reason, they have a tiny pocket on the side that she is having the most fun with already. She loves to put her little trinkets in there and take them with her everywhere she goes. I love letting the kids pick out their own shoes and clothes. I feel like it gives them more confidence when they have their own unique style. 

payless own your style hispanic mom blogger

Payless shoes come in enough styles and sizes to keep up with the busiest student’s life – from school to athletic events to dance classes and more – Payless shoes keep Moms and kids running confidently. You can #OwnYourStyle all year long with on-trend shoes at great prices from Payless!

payless own your style hispanic mom blogger
And moms, you can get the Classic Airwalk sneakers in your size too! Now everyone in the family can #OwnTheirStyle! All Airwalk Legacees will be $14.99 from August 8th to August 20th so go get a pair for you today! payless own your style hispanic mom blogger

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