What are Blog Buttons?

What are they and why are they important? As a new blogger, buttons are almost a necessity. They serve several purposes:


Advertisement – Your button can become your traveling billboard. Typically they are small, I start mine out at 250 x 250px and can be re-sized if needed. Usually the smallest would be about 125 x 125px but are usually 150 x 150px. They can be placed anywhere from other blogs to your social media sites.

Branding – Your button is your way to get your ‘brand’ easily recognized. The more often people see your button, the more recognizable you will become.

Participation in blogger opps – Having a blog button readily available will allow you to participate in blog opportunities like button swaps with other bloggers, or you can use your button to ‘link-up’ to blog hops or it can also be used as your profile picture or avatar image on social media sites.

Display – You want to display the button on your site and allow others to be able to grab it if needed. Find an HTML generator online to use. I use Grab My Button Generator, you need to generate the HTML code to add to your pages, posts or sidebars.


They are super easy to make, you can design one in any picture program. If you don’t have the time, or simply want one created for you I can help. If interested in having me design a button for you that fits your site, email me at melanie@mommymentionables.com and I can make one for you for $5.

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