The 2 Affiliate Companies Mom Bloggers NEED to Join Now

best affiliate companies for mom bloggers make money from etsy

Over the past few weeks since taking the e-course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing I’ve been on the hunt looking for some of the best affiliate marketing companies to join. What I’m looking for are companies that I already find myself recommending over and over again on my blog. One of them is Etsy!

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One of my favorite things to post on my blog is my kids parties. Did you know that you can make money just by recommending your favorite Etsy party supplies that you already have??

Yes, it’s true!

And I was so excited when I found out! So how can you make money from Etsy?

Affiliate Window

By joining Affiliate Window. This is by my favorite affiliate company. Now when I recommend things that I’ve already purchased, like these treat bags we used for our girls Scooby Doo party or these printables that I’m ordering for Lennon’s first birthday party, I can now receive commissions for recommending them! And let me be clear, purchases of the exact item do not have to be made, but any purchases made within the 3o-day window after your unique link is clicked. Etsy is just one of the companies using Affiliate Window there are thousands more!

There is a $5 one-time fee to join Affiliate Window but this is just to confirm you’re legit. You get it credited to your account and it’s given back to you when you receive your first commission check!

Sign up for Affiliate Window here.



ShareASale is my next favorite. If you ever share your kids favorite outfits, birthday invitations or household items then join ShareASale! Some of my favorite companies on ShareASale are Gymboree, TinyPrints, Zulily and Wayfair!

Join ShareASale HERE.

best affiliate companies for mom bloggers make money from etsy

How Affiliate Companies Work

Affiliate companies are where merchants go to list their businesses and products so that affiliates, like bloggers, can go and search for products they want to promote.

To put it simply, both the shop owner and the blogger share the sale of an item. This is what gives us, the blogger, incentive to promote the product(s) through blog posts and/or social media. And you don’t need to keep promoting the product! One blog posts can bring in commissions days, weeks, months – years later!

These are just my two favorites affiliate networks but there are many more for all sorts of shops and merchants, from small boutiques, toy makers, tech companies, big box stores and even Fortune 500 companies. It’s up to you to find the products and services that will fit well with your blog but honestly, that is the most fun because there are so many things to choose from.

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

If you aren’t using affiliate links on your blog then you’re leaving money on the table. When I first started affiliate marketing was a mystery for me. I heard about it and I knew bloggers were making big money with it but I never put in the effort to learn more and join affiliate programs…that is until recently. affiliate marketing how to plus shareasale review

I have a Make Money from Home board over on Pinterest that I started pinning bloggers Income Reports to. And time and time again I would see – Affiliate Income on the report as some of their highest streams of income and wondered how in the world they were making that much money from it. Most of the time it was way more than sponsored posts, which is what is I spend most of my time doing these days to monetize my blog. But if I could figure out this affiliate marketing thing to make some passive income from my blog, then maybe I could start doing less but making more. It was worth a shot. So in the past few months I’ve joined several affiliate marketing programs and I’m so excited that I’ve already started to see some return!

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I have heard that affiliate marketing is passive income and recently someone said that affiliate marketing is like getting paid while you’re taking a nap. Your hard work won’t go without reward with affiliate marketing so if you haven’t started then now is the time! 🙂

Do you have any favorite affiliate marketing companies you are using now?

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