Colic Relief with Colief

Natural Colic Relief for Babies Colief
Natural Colic Relief for Babies Colief

Colic, although we have never personally experienced colic I know many many mom friends who have gone through this. We had an experience with our first daughter and my milk when she was nursing. She would get the acid reflux and would spit up a lot and I remember how hard this was on us. She didn’t cry for hours and hours  as in the case of colic, but she did cry a lot and she was uncomfortable a lot, mostly after she ate and I remember how difficult it was, not just seeing her like that but also being a new mom, I was exhausted and I felt completely helpless.


Back then we tried changing my diet, because I was nursing. I had to cut out certain foods myself (like dairy) to see if that helped and she did seem to find some relief. I didn’t know about Colief back then but if I had, the desperate, exhausted new mom that I was, I would have most definitely tried it. Colief Infant Digestive Aid is a gluten-free dietary supplement for the reduction of colic-associated crying resulting from temporary lactose intolerance (TLI) in infants. colief

Babies are so small and precious, it’s hard for me to think of giving a baby a lot of medications so young, but Colief is a dietary supplement that is added to milk. The active ingredient is lactase which is a naturally occurring enzyme produced in the small intestine, and there are many many testimonies out there that Colief works.

Check out the video testimony from a real mom below.


Different from other colic solutions, Colief Infant Digestive Aid is not given directly to the baby, but added to the formula or breast milk before each feeding, making it easier for them to digest the milk by breaking down most of the lactose. Studies have shown that excessive crying associated with temporary lactose intolerance (TLI) may be reduced by up to 40%, when baby’s milk is treated with Colief Infant Digestive Aid. (source: Kanabar D, Randhawa M, Clayton P. Improvement of symptoms in infant colic following the reduction of lactose load with lactase. J Hum Nutr Diet. 2001; 14 (5): 359-363).

For more information about Colief Infant Digestive Aid and tips for new moms or to order online, visit their website.

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Colief Infant Digestive Aid is available at your local Walgreens or online HERE.

Check out the Colief Website, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel
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