Dannon is Going Non-GMO

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As a mom of three kids, what we eat everyday is something I pay close attention to. I read labels, make my own products when I can and try to give my family the best food on their plates. One of the things we love to eat is yogurt, it’s one of my kid’s favorite snacks, so I was really happy to hear that Dannon is making some really great changes to their products this year.

Dannon has been listening to mothers like you and me and they have heard our voices. We want better options for our families.

You told them you wanted more natural ingredients and less GMO-ingredients. They listened.

You told them you wanted to know more about the farming practices; where the milk was coming from, how the cows were treated and what they ate. They listened.

You told them you were tired of the low-fat and non-fat yogurt and no whole milk options. They listened.

By the end of 2017, Dannon has pledged to reformulate all of their products under the Dannon brand!

Dannon Listened. Dannon Pledge

Here is a brief of what’s changing.

  • Naturality – Dannon pledges that there will be fewer, more natural and Non-GMO Ingredients in their yogurts.
  • Sustainable Agriculture – Dannon pledges that they will only work with farmers that they trust and know. They will be working with dairy farmers and feed suppliers to plant Non-GMO grains in their fields. Cows will only be fed non-GMO feed that will make Dannon the only conventional dairy company in the US to feed Non-GMO feed to their cows.
  • Transparency – Dannon pledges that their consumers will not be confused by their labels and that they will be easy to read. Dannon will also provide the transparency to consumers about the agricultural farming practices used to make their products.
  • Animal Welfare – Dannon cares about the animals they use in their farming. More than 90% of their milk is coming from farming operations under the Validus Certified system. The Validus Animal Welfare Review Certification is awarded to farms that follow stringent animal welfare guidelines.
  • Whole Milk – Dannon pledges to offer 11 different flavors of yogurt made with whole milk, non-GMO ingredients and Vitamin D. yogurt2

Why Does Non-GMO Mean Exactly?

Dannon going Non-GMO means that you will be eating yogurt made with ingredients like fresh milk that has not been modified. By developing relationships with their farmers, Dannon pledges to you that all the main ingredients in your yogurt, including the fruits and sugars, will come from farms and suppliers that do not genetically modify their products.

A Transparent Process

Dannon will ensure that their labels are not confusing to consumers. Any products containing more than 0.9% of GMO ingredients will be labeled as “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”. You can read more about that at www.dannon.com/ingredients

The Validus Certified system not only improves the lives of farm animals but the certification also ensures that your milk is coming from a farm with strict standards for the treatment of animals as well as for the proper handling of sick animals that ensures less use of antibiotics.

A Healthier Lifestyle

The good cultures in yogurt help balance your gut bacteria and eating it daily is associated with a healthier lifestyle. Yogurt cultures consume most of the lactose found in milk which makes Yogurt an easier to digest alternative to other dairy products. This makes it a great snack for my lactose sensitive daughter! It’s so versatile. We use yogurt as a substitute in some of our baking and in our fruit smoothies.

 Download the full pledge on sustainable agriculture, naturality and transparency here.

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