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DIY Child Room Wall Letters

DIY Wall Letters Child's Room, Nursery Wall Letters
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image2 If you follow my blog, you might have seen my recent post on a DIY Baby Announcement that was sponsored by Huggies, and I said that there was going to be more posts coming in this “New Mom” series, well today is the 2nd post and I am excited about this one! I have a really easy DIY project today using cardboard letters, glue, craft paint and cardstock paper. These letters can be used in a nursery for a new baby to spell their names or just their initial. I had originally wanted to make an ABC wall for my girls, and honestly, if I was doing this back when I was pregnant, I would have still chosen the ABC wall because your baby will be a toddler in no time and that’s something they can grow with and actually use as they get older and get their brain working when they start learning their ABC’s. 🙂  So that was my original thought, but when I got to Joann’s and Scarlett started with her ABC’s as I was adding them to the cart, we got all the way to the end and realized….there was NO “Z”. Who would’ve thought Z would be so popular. So I decided to go ahead and just go with their names. I can always decide to use the letters to make the ABC wall later on if I do decide to do that too.

Here is what you need:

Cardboard Letters
Command Strips
Foam or Paint Brushes
Craft Paint
Spray Adhesive
Xacto Knife

DIY Wall Letters Child's Room, Nursery Wall Letters First, I laid down all my letters on a cardboard box so that I could decide what letters will use what paper. Then, once I figured that out, I painted the sides of the letters that coordinated with the paper I had chosen beforehand. I had a bunch of different colors of craft paint, I used white, black, brown, pink and green. Since we are going to be using cardstock on the front, we only needed to paint the sides.

After I painted the sides of the letters, I let it dry for a couple of hours. Then, I sprayed adhesive on each letter and put it down (front side down) on the cardstock paper. I did this to all the letters and let the glue dry. Then I used an xacto knife and cut around the paper and you have this! 🙂

DIY Wall Letters Child's Room, Nursery Wall Letters To hang the letters I used my absolute favorite thing in the world to hang stuff with – command strips! I love them because they are so easy and mess-free. They are also really sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them falling, even if they do, these letters are so light they wouldn’t hurt anyone.

If you didn’t want to use cardstock and just wanted solid colors, you can easily paint these letters. I love the way they came out! DIY Wall Letters Child's Room, Nursery Wall Letters

The first thing my daughter said when she saw them was – WOOOOOW MOM! She loves seeing her name in lights. 🙂

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