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DIY No-Sew Robin Costume || DIY No-Sew Tulle TuTu

DIY Baby Robin Batman Robin Costume

robinblog If you read my post on the DIY No-Sew Batgirl costume, then you saw my photos of my baby girl as Batgirl. I promised the Baby Robin costume tutorial so here it is!

I used the same materials as I did when making her costume, so I won’t be repetitive here and I will just tell you what I did different.

DIY No-Sew Batman Batgirl Costume | DIY Tule TuTu

Here is what you need:

Black fabric
Black craft foam
Yellow craft felt
Black craft felt
Yellow ribbon
Round elastic rord
Non-roll elastic
25 feet roll of black Tulle
Fabric glue
White chalk
Hole punch
Red onsie

The baby Robin was costume is a red baby onsie with a yellow cape and green Tulle tutu. I couldn’t find a plain red onsie so I just used one I found with a picture on the front and turned it inside out.

I cut the R symbol out of black felt and yellow for the circle behind the R. I just free-handed this. Then I cut up little rectangles out of the yellow felt. I used fabric glue and glued everything to the onsie.

I made the Tulle tutu the same way I did her sister’s costume but I used green tulle instead. The cape was smaller for baby and didn’t have a logo on the back. I used fabric glue to glue the ends together to prevent fraying. Make sure to only glue 3 sides together and leave the top with an opening large enough to put the ribbon through, you will do this once the glue is dry. The ribbon will be used to tie the cape around the neck.

I found the template for the Robin mask here and I used the same process I did for the Batgirl mask. I printed and then cut it out smaller than what printed, then I traced it on black craft foam with white chalk and cut it out. I used a hole puncher to punch out holes and tied elastic cord to each end.

DIY Batman Robin Costume || Superhero costume DIY

That’s it! I took them out for a mini-photo shoot the other day and here are my favorites from the session. I will be posting more as I edit them. Let me know if you decide to make either Batgirl or Baby Robin, I would love to check out the pix!

DIY Batgirl Batman Costume || Superhero costume DIY DIY Baby Robin Batman Robin Costume


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