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Essential Oils || Our Favorite Roller Ball Recipes

An Expecting Mother's Journey with Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Cleaning and in the Kitchen

Ever since we started incorporating essential oils into our everyday lives, we have been using them in lieu of many over the counter medicines. Our roller balls are quickly taking over our medicine cabinet. We also use them frequently for cleaning and deodorizing around the house. I’m 27 weeks this week and the insomnia and heartburn that used to plague me are gone.

An Expecting Mother's Journey with Essential Oils

My husband’s antacid has also been replaced and my girls are benefiting so much from them already. Depending on what you are treating, you can apply the oils topically, or dilute with carrier oils, you can also make them into sprays and mix them in water, but most of the time we use our roller ball bottles.

We prefer the roller balls for many reasons…the first is that they are premade, so it saves us time having to mix or dilute oils when we need them. They are also very easy to apply and being mixed with carrier oils they last much much longer. Depending on the issue, sometimes it’s better to ingest or apply them neat – neat just means without diluting them.

These are just a few blends we use frequently. They are powerful and each has their own purpose. Each of these roller bottles contains Young Living essential oils along with a carrier oil. A carrier oil can be any fatty oil. We use fractionated coconut oil. The roller ball bottles we use are 1/3 oz. Both can be purchased on Amazon. You can roll these blends on the back of the neck, the temples, the bottom of the feet, the spine, on cuts, bites and burns, on the stomach and the toes.

Essential Oils for Cleaning and in the Kitchen

for the kiddos

bite, burn and scrape blend for kids

10 drops lavender

5 drops copaiba

5 drops purification


sleepy blend for the kiddos

10 drops lavender

5 drops peace & calming


for the adults

heartburn blend for mom

5 drops peppermint

10 drops lemon

stretch mark/skin care for mom

10 drops frankincense

10 drops lavender


stress blend for mom

5 drops stress away

5 drops lavender

5 drops valor


upset stomach blend for adults

10 drops digize

10 drops peppermint


sleepy blend for adults

15 drops lavender

15 drops cedarwood


seasonal discomfort for adults

10 drops lavender

10 drops lemon

10 drops peppermint


cough & congestion blend for adults

10 drops R.C. (eucalyptus)

5 drops peppermint


headache & head tension for adults

10 drops peppermint

10 drops panaway

5 drops lavender

Essential Oils for Cleaning and in the Kitchen

I highly highly recommend that if you are pregnant, nursing or have little ones, to get a book called – Gentle Babies Essential by Debra Raybern. Her reference guide is one I refer to all the time when it comes to my little ones and myself while pregnant.

These recipes that I have shared today are ones that have worked for me and my family, but I think it’s also important for you to do your own research as well and see what works for you and your family. Not everyone is the same so not everyone will respond the same way to all blends. If you find some aren’t working for you, you may need a stronger blend or you can try out similar oils to see if they work better for you. Also, all the oils that I use are specific to Young Living. I have done my research and this is the company of oils I have found are the best, pure and therapeutic so I trust them completely when it comes to the health of myself and my family.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living oils, you can visit my oil page here or check out my other oil posts here.


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