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Young Living Essential OIls Promotion $20 Cash Back

Hi friends! If you’re here you probably have asked about the oils that I’ve been sharing all over my social media accounts and wanted more information on them. If you’d like to purchase the starter kit that includes 11 oils + a home diffuser, you can do so HERE. By choosing Wholesale Member and purchasing the starter kit, you’ll be able to purchase all your oils at wholesale price. And as a special for my readers, I will send you $20 cash back when you purchase your kit from me. You can expect a check in the mail 2-3 weeks after you purchase.


1. Is there a required monthly purchase?

There is absolutely no obligation to make any monthly purchases when you purchase a starter kit and become a Wholesale member. Signing up as a member simply means you are signing up to receive discounts as a wholesale member. I like to think of it being similar to having a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club. You pay your initial fee (Starter Kit is $160) and you never have to buy anything again if you don’t want to.


2. Do I have to sell oils or keep an inventory of oils?

Nope! You are under no obligation to sell anything or keep an inventory of products. You never have to tell anyone about YL products or sell their products. You do not have to make this a business by simply buying the kit and becoming a member. However, if later down the line your friends or family members want to buy oils from you they can and you can receive bonuses for your referrals.


3. Why does it ask for my social security number when signing up?

See #2. If later on someone decides they want to purchase a starter kit, you can sign them up to purchase the same kit you received and you can receive bonuses for your referrals. Because of this option that YL gives you, your social security number is captured up front. But you never have to do this. This is just a government requirement.


4. Can’t I just buy oils from a health food store or grocery store?

Essential oils are not regulated therefore companies can put any filler or additive into what they call an “essential oil”. Most of what you will find at the grocery store is either another ingredient altogether, is synthetic and can be dangerous to your health, or has toxic fillers in it. When you are using essential oils on your body or with your children or your family for for any reason related to health or skincare, it is very dangerous to use these types of oils and can actually bring more harm. You can have reactions to these types of oils and they can make conditions worse. If you’ve ever used oils from grocery stores and have never seen any progress with your health, this is why! Young Living has rigorous testing and standards for their oils. No fillers are ever added to Young Living’s oils and no toxins are present. In fact, they don’t even use pesticides or herbicides on their crops or soil so that toxins won’t be present ever. Anything that comes from a farm outside of Young Living’s farms must meet these strict standards as well.You can visit the Young Living farms anytime you want and see their methods of growth and testing. That’s how open they are about their purity. You can see YL’s seed to seal promise on their website. www.seedtoseal.com.


5. Why did you choose Young Living?

I encourage you to also do your own research and make sure that the company of oils that you are choosing to use on your family are safe. What I learned very quickly was that not all oils are made the same. Some oils on the market are most definitely NOT pure and therapeutic and some are just perfume grade, not all oils are free of chemicals and fillers or distilled without the use of chemicals or grown without pesticides. There are many many oil companies out there and they are all very different. ultimately it is up to you to do your own research into the company of oils that you use. All the research that I did before I started using oils led me to Young Living because they are so transparent in their process and I trust that what I’m using or ingesting myself or giving to my babies is safe and of the purest quality. I also have a book called Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern that I refer to frequently when it comes to proper usage for myself during pregnancy and for my kids when i’m using a new oil or recipe. She doesn’t use any other brand of oil except Young Living oils.


6. Do I already have to know how to use oils to buy the starter kit? 

Absolutely not! That’s why it’s called a starter kit.:)It comes with a ton of resources to help you choose your oils and to know which oils are good for what and how to use them. In addition to the resources that you receive with your kit, you will also receive an email from me with more resources to help you along the way. In addition to these resources, another good book I have found that has helped me is the 6th Edition Essential Oils Pocket Reference. In addition to owning this book, I also refer to the Chemical Free Home, this book gives you various ways of using your oils to replace the chemical products in your home.



To check out everything that is included in the starter kit, click HERE. If you don’t want to purchase the starter kit but want to purchase other YL oils, you can choose the Retail Customer option HERE, but you will not get a wholesale discount. If you are ready to purchase Young Living Oils, follow the steps below.  

  • Click HERE to begin the Enrollment Process on the Young Living site.
  • Select MEMBER. Then confirm that the SPONSOR & ENROLLER ID is filled out with: #3024538
  • Click NEXT and fill out your personal information
  • Make note of your 4 digit PIN number, Username and Password
  • Be sure to choose the “PREMIUM START LIVING KIT” – This is the kit I purchased and includes everything listed above. The total cost of the kit is $150.
  • Scroll down to Essential Rewards and click – “No Thank You, I plan on Enrolling in Essential Rewards Later” (note: this is a monthly auto-ship program where you can get free oils each month. But first get your starter kit and we can explain how the essential rewards program works later).
  • You now have the option to add any other oils or products that you want to purchase in addition to your starter kit.
  • Checkout

All my readers will receive the $20 cash back!:) So if you’ve found this page and sign up through this page, you will automatically receive the $20 cash back! AND as an added bonus to my clients, anyone that you refer to my site to purchase their oil starter kit will ALSO receive the $20 cash back! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mommymentionables@gmail.com

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