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How To Boost Kids Immune System and Keep Them Healthy for School Year

I first heard about probiotics a little over 4 years ago when Scarlett was born. For the first few months she had very bad GI issues. She suffered from acid reflux and she would cry and cry and cry. She was fussy A LOT. Everytime she ate and then fell asleep she would wake up crying and very upset. At first we had no idea what to do. The doctor had me cut out certain foods in my diet and she also prescribed medicine which was the equivalent to what pepcid is in adults. It helped but we knew we couldn’t keep her on the medicine long-term. I hadn’t heard about probiotics though until they were recommended to me by a dear friend. My friend also had a daughter who had suffered from reflux when she was born and she started her on probiotics and immediately she saw a HUGE change in her daughter. She has since started her entire family on them and has sworn by probiotics ever since. It was around that time that I started researching probiotics for our own family and discovered they could only help our family.

When Scarlett turned three she got an ear infection for the first time in her life and had to be put on antibiotics. I knew from my own research that antibiotics kill the good bacteria in our bodies along with the bad and I knew probiotics could help replace the good bacteria that was lost. So it was then that we started her on probiotics.

This taken from the Family Flora website. 

“How do antibiotics affect our natural flora balance? 

When you’re sick, antibiotics may be prescribed to target and eliminate bacteria – but while they are essential to your recovery, antibiotics can wipe out the good bacteria along with the bad.   During and following a course of prescription drug treatment, the natural flora in your GI tract may be disturbed or diminished, allowing for disruption of your microbiome and causing symptoms like cramping and diarrhea. During this vulnerable time, probiotics can help rebuild your body’s natural balance, getting you back to feeling like you.”

How To Boost Kids Immune System and Keep Them Healthy for School Year

My husband and I use probiotics everyday now. Probiotics help maintain the healthy bacteria that our bodies need to thrive.

How To Boost Kids Immune System and Keep Them Healthy for School Year

And now with the probiotic+prebiotic blend for kids from Family Flora, the girls will be getting prebiotics too. We are also going to start looking into probiotics for Lennon since he suffers from food allergies and eczema. We are interested to read more about the benefits.

How To Boost Kids Immune System and Keep Them Healthy for School Year

“Family Flora, a natural prebiotic + probiotic formula that populates your gut with the healthy bacteria needed to successfully battle health challenges, which is especially important with school right around the corner. Because your gut is the main entry point for toxic invaders, balancing bacteria numbers with an ever greater army of good bacteria is a battle your family needs to win on a daily basis. Family Flora helps prime the immune system, giving your family a head start in fighting back-to-school health concerns without breaking the bank.”

How To Boost Kids Immune System and Keep Them Healthy for School Year

“Family Flora is different because it provides both prebiotics and probiotics together in one formulation. Prebiotics are the essential food that probiotics eat while in your intestine to keep your gut healthy and ready to fight back. Our custom formulations are Non-GMO, kosher, sodium-free, gluten-free and have no artificial flavors or colors.”


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Does your family use probiotics or prebiotics?

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