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Reflection 2015 Losing Dad

Guest post by my sister Laura.

New year. New changes. Goodbye to 2015. New Year’s is always a solemn time for me. You think of the memories you’ve made, people you’ve met, people you’ve lost. So many experiences you’ve had along the way.

Welcoming the new year means saying hello to the new circumstances you have yet to experience and saying goodbye to the ones you had. It serves as such a reminder of time. That it keeps moving forward even if you are not ready to. So you must keep up. Lace up your shoes, stand up straight, and prepare for that marathon you’ll be running for the rest of the year. It reminds us also that we have a fresh start, to begin again. Reposition ourselves and reassess our goals. It can almost feel like we are forced to do this just by the bringing in of the New Year, which can be beneficial in times when you needed to see the world again through a clear lens.

2015 is a year that means so much to me, and it is hard to say goodbye, but it won’t ever be left behind in the trail of its memories. I plan to have significant goals this year that will honor my dad’s memory. Not because my dad cared about legacy or success, but because I feel that through living well, fully and with love, that I will keep his spirit alive in a way that he would be proud of, and excited for me and the things that I’m partaking in. Goodbye to 2015 but not goodbye to you Dad. Here’s to a great year.

Reflection 2015 Losing Dad

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