“GOTTA HAVE IT!” The New Bounty with Dawn

Bounty with Dawn Review
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Bounty with Dawn Review

Let me first start off by saying that what I’m about to show you is FANTASTIC and INGENIOUS. Especially for a family like ours. We have a full house, a full, busy, sometimes chaotic house. Two dogs, two toddlers, I should say two active toddlers who like to get messy, play with their food, oh and I can’t forget to mention that they are BOTH potty training right now. I also work from home, so we are home allllll day long. I guess you can imagine….the mess that can accumulate all…day…long…you’ve probably seen on my Instagram feed the mess these girls get into. Just today we made some play dough…with flour and a few other ingredients. My toddler is at that age where she wants to help mommy do everything, so she is sitting there mixing the flour in and the second I turn my back, flour all over the kitchen. Or when we made rainbow spaghetti….that was fun…cleanup isn’t always so fun, but it’s what we do to keep active, curious toddlers learning and having fun.

We go through paper towels like water in our house 😀 We buy the HUGE packages of Bounty tissue rolls and we run out pretty much weekly. There is always a spill, always some sort of mess that needs to be picked up, not to mention the popular rooms in our home…our kitchen gets used OFTEN, and there is always something that needs cleaning. So when I heard that the new Bounty rolls were being made with Dawn I was said WOAHHHH, why didn’t I think of this? 🙂  I mean what a GREAT idea!

Bounty with Dawn is intended to be an extra weapon against messes (the tougher kind) when regular Bounty just won’t cut it. It lives next to your regular roll on the counter and is at your fingertips when wine dries on the counter overnight, or the microwave has seen cleaner days. It is  also designed to leave virtually no streaks behind, so it works great on windows, stainless steel, and even those chrome rims (for  the dads out there). It’s AMAZING! Bounty with Dawn Review Bounty with Dawn Review

I mean really, have you seen anything like it from a paper towel? And Bounty at that, we use Bounty all the time, it’s our go to brand and has been America’s #1 paper towel for a long time, and now they are taking paper towel innovation to a whole new level with Bounty with Dawn!

So how does it work?

Like a dishcloth, Bounty stays intact while you clean.

Bounty with Dawn is the only paper towel with the cleaning power of a dish detergent built­‐in.

If  you’re  going  to  be  cleaning  your  dishes  or  pots  or  pans,  simply  wet  it  fully  and  clean.   You  can  also  rinse  and  keep  cleaning.    And  don’t  worry  if  it’s  a  greasy mess  because Bounty with Dawn will capture the grease in a way that allows it to rinse out.

If  you’re  going to be cleaning a mirror, glass cooktop, or other shiny surfaces, when wetting the towel to activate the Dawn detergent, leave the sheet under running water for a few extra seconds (~5  seconds) and squeeze out the excess water before starting to clean.

There will still be plenty of Dawn to clean your surface and when it dries down, the special formulated cleaning agents will disappear to a virtually haze-free shine.

So tell me moms, do you love this idea? As a busy work from home mom I can say that anything that can save me minutes throughout the day is gold. Every minute counts in my house, and Bounty with Dawn just made my cleaning job easier. 🙂


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