Have Some “Me-Time” Moms + Angel Soft with Fresh Lavender Scent Bath Tissue Giveaway

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Latino families are well known for having close knit families, so as a Latina mom my family always come first. And that means, mom usually comes last. I’m always the last to eat, to sleep and very rarely do I get any “me time”. May is such a special month because of Mother’s Day, and moms are finally encouraged to have “me-time.” Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent wants to make having “me-time” a regular occurrence by bringing the peaceful and tranquil scent of fresh lavender into your homes all year long.

So how do you sneak in “me time”?

My crazy awesome duo. They keep me on my toes that’s for sure. Mommy time is rare these days, but I don’t wish for anything different. They won’t ‘need’ me forever like they do now, so I’m definitely cherishing being in demand these days.


Still, making time for myself is important. When I have time for myself I feel refreshed after. I am more patient, more relaxed and I feel like a better mom. My time for myself usually comes during my little ones’ nap-time. They are still too young to keep each other entertained, so mommy is still the center of their entertainment.

Angel Soft Fresh Lavender Scent Bath Tissue Giveaway

I invite you moms, to experience of the NEW Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent bath tissue! It fills the air with the soothing aroma of fresh lavender.

Enter to win a 3-month supply of the NEW Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent bath tissue along with a $25 Spa Finder Gift Card.

Share a picture on Facebook  or Twitter  telling us how you escape for some well-deserved “me-time.” Then use the giveaway form which can be found here! Be sure to use #AngelSoftMami hashtag and tag @AngelSoftLatino!

Good Luck!!


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