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How I Made $5,000+ in one month as a Stay at Home Mom

Last month I published the post 2 Side Jobs that Make Me $3,000+ as a Stay at Home Mom, which was my first sorta income report as an almost full-time blogger.

I say almost because I still had two photography sessions and this past month I did another three sessions. With that said, I am really excited to say that this month will be my last time photographing a client’s session!

Why am I quitting my photography side business?

Because I realized that the more time and focus I put into this blog the more income it generated. 

I still love photography and will continue to shoot for personal projects but I am done working for clients. And that feels so good to say that! I truly love being able to stay home with my kids and I look forward to each and everyday. I have not been happier and being my own boss is amazing.

This is my second month publishing an income report and I think I’m going to start publishing them on a regular basis.

Why will I start publishing regularly income reports?

  1. First, if it weren’t for blogger’s before me who published their income reports I would have never known that it was possible to make money blogging. Yes, blogging is one of the only professions where it’s perfectly normal to share your income reports. 🙂 
  2. The second reason is that it will keep me accountable. I will be able to look back and see what worked certain months and what didn’t work and what I need to improve on for the future months.
  3. The third reason is so that I can show you progress. And you can learn from me and see what is working and is not working for me. I feel like now that I have reached a certain point in my blogging journey that I am ready to pay it forward and help you learn what I do.

Let’s see what went on in October. 

ways and how to make money as a stay at home mom

Total Earned Income before expenses $5,759.70

I make money two main ways from my blog.

Sponsored Posts and Affiliate Income

Here is the breakdown.

Sponsored Posts $4,498

Affiliate Income $735.70

eCourse Presale + Launch $383

Ads $148

Sponsored Posts

The biggest chunk of my income this month (as usual) came from sponsored posts. I’ve said it before, it’s my FAVORITE way to monetize my blog and it definitely shows. This month I made $4,498 working with companies. I love it so much that I even wrote an eCourse on how to get the most out of sponsored posts!

What is my secret? I stopped spending so much time working with companies through media networks and started working one-on-one with brands directly. Working with brands directly has definitely helped me maximize my profits!

Affiliate Income

I didn’t know much about affiliate marketing until mid September when I took this affiliate eCourse. In my post – Blogging’s Best Kept Secret, How I Increased My Income & Pageviews by 10,000 in 30 days I wrote about how after taking the course, my affiliate income went from less than $20 per month to finishing off that same month I took the course at $690! And now that I am into my second month implementing these strategies, I finished October at $730.70!

I was able to see just how passive affiliate income CAN be. I spent the month of October finishing up my eCourse. So very little time was spent on affiliate marketing and I am still closing out the month at over $700!

It’s great to see that it wasn’t just a fluke and that the systems I put in place in September continued to run on auto-pilot and earned me some affiliate money this month.

Here’s the affiliate earnings breakdown.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing $387.34

Bluehost (check out my tutorial on how to start a blog here) $250

Amazon $93.36

Get out of Auto $5

There were a few refunds that went through right at the end. So money that was refunded back to the customer before the month closed, so I didn’t finish off the month in affiliate income as strong as I had anticipated a few weeks ago. This was a lesson learned for me. It made me realize that you should never put all your eggs in one basket and that you need to diversify your income as much as you can, because anything can happen when you’re dealing with customers and sales. Refunds happen or the creator/owners can close down the affiliate program at anytime.

I credit everything I know on affiliate marketing to the eCourse Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Before taking this course I knew almost nothing about making money through affiliate links. You can sign up for this eCourse here.

Ad Income

My ad income is still pretty low at $148 but I’m working on getting my pageviews up. You can see how I nearly doubled my pageviews from 22,055 in September to 41,607 in October. Increase pageviews using boardbooster

Increase pageviews using boardbooster

I talk about the strategy I used to do this in this post.

eCourse Presales + Launch

October was exciting for me because I launched my very first eCourse, Mastering the Art of Working with Brands. The total sales, $383 was not huge but was still more than I expected launching to my small, but growing email list. The best thing about having your own product is that you make it ONE TIME and it can sell over and over again.

Goals for Next Month

Since I am officially retiring from photography I plan on putting all my extra energy and effort into this blog, which means I will continue to work on sponsored posts and getting pageviews up. I hustled these last few months because the holiday’s are coming and once they get here I start slowing down a lot. It’s already November and I do plan on taking some time off right around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I will be writing some posts in advance and scheduling them before I take time off.

Affiliate marketing is pretty much set on auto-pilot for now but I’m always thinking of new ways to help increase my affiliate income.

I plan on being more active in my Facebook groups and starting some new fun threads. One of my groups is for moms about motherhood and the other is for mom bloggers so if you want, join us! 🙂

The thing to keep in mind when reading these types of reports is that most bloggers will use earned income for the purposes of recording these for online income reports. So I will use a spreadsheet and track each job that I was hired for AND had a post published in that month and record all sales for any affiliate products that came in that month. However, for tax purposes, I will use income received.

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