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I’m one of People.com’s Favorite Moms!

I am one of People.com's Favorite Mom Bloggers

I am one of People.com's Favorite Mom Bloggers

Well I woke up to some surprising news today. I was tagged on Instagram about an article posted on on People.com “The Internet’s Favorite Moms: Mom Bloggers, Instagrammers and Viral Video Stars”  EEKK! I  am sooo super excited to be one of their 12 favorite moms!!

I am especially excited about what they wrote and they even linked to my photography website!

Melanie, mom of three, is a welcome Latina voice in a sphere of writing that can feel conspicuously homogenous. She’s also an accomplished photographer and a San Antonio, Texas, native, both of which set her apart from the text-heavy East Coast clique of online moms.

I am so super excited to be mentioned on People.com amongst other amazing moms. What a sweet Mother’s Day surprise!

Happy Mother’s Day sweet mama’s!!

You can see it and the other amazing mamas here.

I would love to see you over on Instagram! You can follow me here.

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