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June Turns Three || Princess Elena of Avalor Birthday Party

Princess Elena of Avalor Inspired Birthday Party
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My baby girl turned three the other day, and although we already had her birthday party (joint party with Scarlett here), we always still celebrate the actual day. Disney was awesome enough, as usual, to send us some party supplies just in time for her birthday.

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

Here’s a video of us unboxing the Party Kit! The girls were so excited when they received the box in the mail. They have been anticipating Princess Elena since they first heard about her a few months ago.

I am always looking for a good excuse to throw a party, so getting the Princess Elena party kit was just what we needed to plan another party.

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

Princess Elena of Avalor. 

Let me tell you why she’s special. She’s the newest Disney princess but she’s also the first Latina Disney Princess. 🙂 Awesome!

See some snippets of the new Disney series below.

“Join Princess Elena as she swings into action and takes her rightful place as Crown Princess in the kingdom of Avalor this summer on Disney Channel! Step into an enchanted fairytale realm inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore where every story is bursting with music, magic and mystery. With the help of her younger sister, Princess Isabel, her grandparents, Francisco and Luisa, and her friends by her side, Princess Elena will learn to boldly lead with bravery, courage and compassion.”

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

Elena was the name of my grandmother, so obviously I already love her name. The kids cannot get enough of the catchy Latin inspired music in the show. The girls immediately start dancing and singing along as soon as she begins playing her guitar. And yes, she plays the guitar, how awesome is that??

A musical princess. YES! We LOVE her!

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

We have family members who are musical, so my girls already have a strong desire to play musical instruments. They think Elena is really really cool so far. She’s a strong-willed princess who is protective of her family and wants to do everything on her own. She is an independent, passionate young girl. All the things I wish for my girls to be.

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

We had the cake baked by a friend. She had the royal blue jewels and the cake topper was actually a headband we had already. It was the same headband her sister wore for their last birthday party which you can see here >> Royal Tea Party. The crown headband was originally purchased from Etsy.

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Disney Blogger

I’ve been asked about the party decor a few times since this post was published. The decor was actually sent to us from Disney to promote the premier of Elena of Avalor on the Disney Channel, so I can’t say exactly where this decor can be purchased. I haven’t seen much party decor yet out in the stores, probably because she is so new but I anticipate with her popularity that there will be a bunch of Princess Elena things popping up everywhere.

I did find some cute Cupcake Toppers HERE.

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  • Reply
    Callee Wilson
    August 31, 2016 at 9:38 am

    So I am just wondering where I can find these party supplies and paper ware for Elena of Avalor. I have looked on Disney as well as numerous other places and am coming up with nothing. I found on the disney channel blog some printable s but I am hoping to be able to buy some of the supplies.

    Thank You

    • Reply
      August 31, 2016 at 9:47 am

      Hi Calee! Disney actually sent us these supplies but I’ve gotten several inquiries on people looking for Elena party supplies but haven’t been able to find them. I was thinking maybe Party City might have them? Have you checked there?

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