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Memorial Day Weekend

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth
This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA® and Latina Bloggers Connect. #ChooseSkinHealth

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

We were poolside this Memorial Day weekend. Our good friend has a gorgeous pool and we were out there with all of our kids. It was Lennon’s first time in the water. We knew he would love it and boy did he love it. He was splashing around the entire time. This was his face pretty much the entire time he was in the water. He’s going to be such a little fish I can already see it. ?

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

One thing we didn’t forget this weekend was sunscreen. It’s so important that the kids see me using sunscreen in front of  them because it helps educate them on skin health and they will grow up remembering to bring their sunscreen whenever they go out in the sun.

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

My parents were the same way. We grew up at the beach because my parents met and fell in love there. So the beach was one of our favorite vacation spots growing up. I remember my mom always had sunscreen with us and she was very adamant about always using it before being in the sun. She also taught us that it was important to reapply every few hours.

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

Were chose Neutrogena sunscreen to protect our skin this weekend.

Which one is my favorite? I am loving the Ultra Sheer Face & Body stick. It’s easy to apply and goes on just like deodorant! 

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids #ChooseSkinHealth

NEUTROGENA® ULTRA SHEER Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70

  • Unique wide-faced stick is ideal for both face and body
  • No messy hands required
  • Formulated with HELIOPLEX® Technology, a breadth of stabilizing sunscreen technologies that deliver superior protection from UVA/UVB protection
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Clean, lightweight, non-greasy feel

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