Minion Craft For Kids || DIY Minion Banner #Minions #QuickerPickerUpper

DIY Minion Crafts for Kids || DIY Minion Banner

Minions Movie Bounty Themed Napkins The Minions are here! They have arrived and my girls could not be anymore excited. 🙂 The Minions movie is coming out on July 10th and in celebration of the movie opening, Bounty has released the most ADORABLE Minion themed Bounty napkins! Bounty sent us some samples of the new Minion themed napkins and when the packages arrived in the mail my girls were ecstatic. They are just 2 & 3 but the Minion movies have already been watched MANY MANY times at our house, so they are already HUGE Minion fans.

When we first got the packages, of course my girls thought it was something fun for them, so I had to quickly come up with something for them to do with them – besides clean up messes of course! 🙂

We decided to make a Minion Banner. 🙂 It was fun, quick and easy enough for my 2 year old to enjoy too.


To make our Minion banner you need the following supplies:

Preschool scissors


Glue stick

Colorful Craft or Construction Paper

Yarn or String

Minion Napkins


First, we cut rectangles/squares out of the colorful craft paper. Then we simply taped the paper to the yarn. Cut the yarn to size, depending on how long you want your banner to be.

DIY Minion Crafts for Kids  || DIY Minion Banner

Next, I had the girls start cutting out the Minion faces from the napkins. My 3 year old used her scissors, my 2 year old just started tearing the Minion faces out with her hands. 🙂

DIY Minion Crafts for Kids  || DIY Minion Banner

Next, we put some glue on the colorful paper and pressed the cut out faces onto them.

Once you do that, you have this!

DIY Minion Crafts for Kids  || DIY Minion Banner

It was a super fun and easy craft that even my 2 year old could enjoy.

Excuse the messy craft area. This is my girls designated  area for crafts, they can get as messy as they want to get. I think every kid needs a space of their own don’t you? 🙂

These napkins are so cute, you can do alot with them if you have little ones who also love the Minions.

Here are some other ideas:

Plan a Minion-themed birthday party with Minion themed napkins available for the guests or for clean-up after the party.

Make some other Minions-themed DIY crafts with the kids using the Bounty Minions Prints.

Make some Minion themed recipes and get your kids to use Bounty Minion Prints and make the clean up fun afterwards.


Try NEW Bounty Minions Prints for the absorbency of America’s favorite #QuickerPickerUpper and the fun of Minions rolled into one. They are now available at stores and are launching just in time for summer break which means more time to make meaningful messes with your kids. 🙂

Thanks to Bounty for sponsoring this post!


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    June 30, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    How cute are your little minion? 🙂

    I can’t wait to see this movie, it looks so cute!

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