Motherhood Confessions

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I LOVE being a mother. It’s something that I feel I have an absolute calling for. It’s one of the hardest, but most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. It’s something I feel a sense of pride in doing and something I’m grateful for every day when I wake up in the morning. At the same time, it’s also something I can feel like an absolute failure at.

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I am on repeat most of my day. I sound like a broken record most days.

Don’t put that in your mouth.

That is not a toy.

No. No. No.

Give that to me please.

Don’t hit your sister.

Stop fighting.

Put your brother down.

I think I say the same things most of the day, every day. Then there are those days where I don’t have time to eat breakfast or get out of my pajamas. And yet somehow feel completely unaccomplished at the end of the day.

There are those days I feel quite often that I’m overwhelmed, exhausted, maybe even sometimes incapable.

My children are the reason our living room has been transformed into a playroom.

They are the reason the dishes have piled up in the sink.

They are the reason a load of laundry has been sitting in the washer for a few days.

Yet, on the other hand, they are the reason why my heart is so full of love and why I wake up every day feeling so full of pride.

It’s amazing how quickly you don’t care about the laundry or the dishes piling up the minute you see their smile or hear their little laughs.

Or when you see that heart-melting look they give you and you realize that, to them, you are their whole world.

Or how a simple reach for you, somehow, just makes everything so worth it.

My family is the reason why I strive to be a better person…

I suppose there will always be those days where I wonder if I’m doing a good job, or wonder if I could be doing better.

I know that I need to learn myself to accept that I am doing the absolute best that I can for them. All I have to do is to look into their little eyes and see that sweet smile and I realize that they are happy and loved. I suppose I need to remind myself of that next time.

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    July 18, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Beautiful pictures and love everything thing you said! The days can be difficult, but sure do love being a momma! ❤️

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