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I have needed/wanted badly, a new work area for a while now. You might have seen this pic I posted to Instagram not to long ago with what my setup looked like before. It was tiny. I usually have two laptops that I work with because not only am I trying to get my blog work done, but I’m also trying to edit photos for my clients and it’s easier for me to keep the two spaces separate. So I knew that I needed a new desk, but I needed something bigger and something that would be sturdy and with a design where my girls would be less tempted to go and pull stuff off of.

So I went to the Sauder website and began my search. First, I loved that it’s broken up by Products OR Space. Because I already had an idea of what I wanted and where I wanted it to go. So it was easy for me and I went straight to Products, but I also knew that I eventually wanted to get me some new things in my office area but didn’t know exactly what, so by going to Space and selecting Office, I was able to bring up everything that could potentially look great in my new office space.

After browsing around the Products – Desks + Hutches page, I started to narrow my search. By going over to the left of the page, I was able to narrow my search down to just select Desks. There was even a number that showed how many I had to choose from (34).

The Sauder Experience || Sauder Desk Review

After searching through the list of desks, I came across the L-Shaped Oak Finish desk. I knew that was the one. It was L shaped, the perfect shape for the area I had in mind and essentially gave me two large work areas which is what I needed. It was Oak, I LOVE OAK. And it was tall enough. Everything was perfect! So I had to get it.

Once I selected my desk, the only thing I had to do now was wait. The shipping was very quick. Once we received it, I couldn’t wait to start putting it together and getting my new work area setup. The husband loves to put things together, always has, so this was his job. When we first received the box, everything fit into a box that looks small for how big the desk is, but the instructions were so clear and the large pieces were sturdy and everything just fit together perfectly, he didn’t have any issues with the assembly. It was done in about an hour and a half, and that was WITH distractions of little ones coming in and periodically trying to take some things from him.

Here is the desk all setup!

This is just an iphone pic of the moment right after my husband stood up and said FINISHED! Haha. He loves putting things together. I think it gives him that DIY-like feeling. 🙂


And here are some better photos of the completed desk. I love it, it really does give me that dual work area that I really needed. I also love the shape of it. I set it up this way because it gives me an easy exit in case I need to run and get the kids.





Overall, I’m really happy with the Sauder experience, from selecting the product to shipping, assembly and the overall quality of the product.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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