Nesting Checklist: 16 Point Checklist to Prepare For New Baby

Things You must do during the nesting phase to prepare for baby nesting phase checklist latina mom hispanic mom blogger

I remember it started at different times with each of my children. Sometimes it hit me suddenly like with my last one, I think I was clearing out the entire house about a week before he was born. Did you know that nesting is really just an adrenaline rush that sets in right before your baby is born? Not only do you become more physically capable but I think it helps prepare us emotionally too for what’s to come.

With National Parents’ Day coming up on Sunday, July 23rd, I thought I would share my checklist of things to do in the nesting phase to help you be better prepared for baby.

Things You must do during the nesting phase to prepare for baby nesting phase checklist latina mom hispanic mom blogger

  1. Purge it all! Your adrenaline is pumping so it’s time to do the things that you’ve been putting off for years. For me, it was purging old clothes and things we’ve hoarded in the back of the closets for several years. Rule of thumb is, if you’ve forgotten that you’ve had it and haven’t used it in over a year, it’s time to toss it. I remember throwing and donating bags and bags of things right before each of my child was born. It feels so good to be clutter free, this also helps because with new babies comes much much more things to store.
  2. Stock up on Huggies OverNites Diapers.  Nighttime diaper needs are definitely different from daytime diaper needs. As a mom of three, the absolute worst is waking up in a wet bed or worse, if you co-sleep like we did, you wake up to find your clothes soaked too. These diapers are our absolute favorite to use for nighttime and have helped our babies sleep better through the night. Sleep helps your baby thrive. That’s why it is important to provide your baby with hugs that settle and soothe at bedtime with a diaper designed specifically for sleep. Huggies OverNites Diapers keeps baby dry all night for a sounder sleep, guaranteed.
  3. Clean the things that have been neglected or that don’t get cleaned often such as the hard to reach places like underneath the bed and behind the dresser and everything you dislike doing. Take advantage of the adrenaline rush and go with it. For me, it’s vacuuming, cleaning out the oven and the fridge.
  4. Make some time for self-care. There won’t be much “me” time right after baby so take some time for yourself. Before I had my son, my husband bought me a maternity massage. It was amazing!
  5. Take out all the baby clothes that have been gifted and bought and sort through them by size and seasons.
  6. Make as many meals as you can and freeze them. At least cook and freeze your meats so that it will be easy to add them to your meals quickly. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for freezer meals.
  7. Clean out the car. If you already have children then you will know just how quickly junk can accumulate in the family car. Use this time to clean out your car and have it ready and clean for the new baby.
  8. Go through your bills. Pay off any outstanding hospital bills or doctor visits and tie up any financial loose ends.
  9. Clear out the garage. Our garage is our storage and is full of empty boxes, old clothes, and old baby items. Before baby, we donated a bunch of our old baby items and clothes and broke down our empty boxes and put them in our recycle bin. You will be getting so much more that comes along with a new baby that you will want a little more extra storage space.
  10. Throw out old toys. If you have kids already you know how fast toys can become clutter. See my post here about why and how I declutter our kid’s rooms each month.
  11. Have a hospital backup plan. If you have children you will want to make sure you have a plan and then a backup plan for your other kids while you head to the hospital in labor, or if you’re scheduled to deliver then it’s much easier.
  12. Wipe down baseboards and windows. These little things won’t matter so much during the first few weeks or months with a new baby so it’s good to get these taken care of now.
  13. Make sure you have a list of important numbers on your phone for important people to call like your pediatrician, a 24-hour clinic, a nurse-line, poison control and even a neighbor.
  14. Have some after-baby wardrobe ready. You will most likely be in-between sizes for at least the first few months. Stock up on some new comfy clothes but don’t spend a ton of money on these new clothes because you will probably lose some baby weight and they won’t fit as well. I like to buy second-hand online here for that purpose.
  15. Stock up on daily necessities like toilet paper, napkins, soap, shampoo and Huggies Natural Care® Baby wipes. We love the Huggies Natural Care® wipes for our son because of his sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance, paraben and are alcohol-free .
  16. Be sure your camera is ready for baby photos. Make sure your camera battery is charged and your camera’s memory card is clear so you have enough space for baby’s first photos with the family.

Things You must do during the nesting phase to prepare for baby nesting phase checklist latina mom hispanic mom blogger

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