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Hello! So you’ve reached my blog. I hope not by mistake. 🙂 Let me give you a few tidbits about me and what my site is all about, then feel free to explore it yourself!

I will start from the beginning but I promise to keep it short.

I started blogging in May 2013, after my oldest daughter turned a year old. Before her first birthday I found myself scouring the net for first birthday ideas and came across many amazing mom blogs all creating and documenting the special days for their little ones.

I thought to myself, how fun! I want to do that!

This is my place where I write openly and honestly about pregnancy, mommyhood and all the little moments in between that make me laugh and sometimes cry. You will read everything from my picks for top baby products, my amateur photography tips to our brief struggle with infertility and other moments that a mother could never prepare herself for. 

My goal is to share my experiences, as a mother, with you. Maybe you can relate to something I’ve written and feel normal. There are some days everyday where it’s a circus at my house. Don’t let the pictures fool you, you know where the house in the background looks spotless, and the children are well behaved and smiling all day long for the camera. I am like every mom, too much to do with too little time. My pictures are usually taken when the kids are happy, mommy has rested and the mess of toys that fills my living room floor is  strategically faced behind the camera.

So here we are.

My place on the web and you’ve found me.


So what next?

Well if you want to know my families story, check out my ABOUT page.

If you are interested in starting up your own blog or are blogging already, check out my blogger resources HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you get to explore my creative world and hopefully I have written something that has helped or inspired you! That would make my day 🙂



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