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Not-So-Spooky Easy Owl Cupcakes

I’ve seen owl cupcakes all over Pinterest this year, so I finally decided to make my own. Are you looking for a quick, festive cupcake idea to decorate your cupcakes this fall? Well these are it! They are super easy to make and so adorable.

I made a batch for the hubby to take to work this year for their Halloween potluck.

I don’t have time these days to make my cupcakes from scratch. So I just used the Milk Chocolate Duncan Hines cake mix and followed the cupcake recipe on the box. I used milk chocolate frosting and added in some Milk Chocolate Hershey’s Chocolate Chips to the batter.

IMG_2218 copy


To decorate you need:

Double stuffed Oreos (You’re only using 1 side)

The leftover side will be used for the tuft at the top. (Break in half)

Mini Oreos

Reeses Pieces (I used only the orange color)



Break the Oreos in half and use cream side for the eyes.

Break the mini Oreos  in half and scrape off the cream part on both sides.

Apply some frosting to the back of the mini Oreos to glue the mini Oreos to the big Oreos.

Add an orange beak with the Reeses Pieces.

Break the leftover big Oreo in half and apply to top to make the tuft.


IMG_2214 copy

You’re done!

Super easy, and the kids can even have fun decorating these.

Hope you enjoy!


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