Our New Car Seat! Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo

Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo
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Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo

We recently received the new Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo and it came at just the PERFECT time. Our 8 month old is quickly growing out of her infant car seat. We are also approaching summer weather in South Texas, and if you are from South Texas or have ever visited during the Spring and Summer, you know that things get HOT around here. Just yesterday we reached 91 degrees and we are just in April! My daughter sweats in her current car seat. A LOT. So when I found out that the new Evenflo car seat had the OUTLAST® Performance Fabric that absorbs hot and cold temperature, I knew we had received the PERFECT car seat for our little one. The Performance Fabric absorbs temperature and releases hot and cold as needed. Here is some more information on what Evenflo is doing and what this Performance Fabric does. It’s amazing.

Evenflo is taking safety and comfort to the next level with launch of Platinum Protection Series
car seats which features NASA ­developed Outlast™Performance Fabrics

  • Temperature regulating fabric in the padding of the seats to keep babies and toddlers comfortable during
    hot or cold weather
  • Fabric balances a child’s body temperature by actively absorbing  and storing hot and cold temperatures
    and releasing as needed
  • Reduces perspiration so the child stays drier and more comfortable, and mom can focus her attention
    on the road instead of an upset baby
  • Series includes: Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All­in­One Car Seat, Evenflo Symphony LX All­in one Car Seat, Evenflo SecureKid™ DLX Harness Booster seat, Evenflo Triumph™ and the LX Convertible Car Seat

The seats also feature innovative Buckle Pockets as another safety and convenience benefit that allow moms to tuck the buckle tongues away. It is also easier and safer to get them in and out of the seats and also protects from the hot buckles. Now this is probably one of my favorite features of this car seat. After about an hour of our car parked in the driveway, in the Texas heat, the buckles sometimes are so hot that we have to wait some time before we can put the baby in.

We are really excited about the new car seat. We are actually going to get to really try it out this weekend when we visit family about 2 hours away from us. True Test! A road trip with a fussy baby is no fun.

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  • Reply
    June 26, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Wondering if you’ve had the same experience with this seat as I have… does it snag a pull very easily? Even without wearing shoes it is looking very ratty after only a few weeks of use. One time thru the washing machine and it has torn in one place and the seams completely ripped out of another.

    Nice concept, and my son is much cooler in this than the other seats we’ve owned, but it’s not holding up.

    • Reply
      June 26, 2014 at 3:19 pm

      Eek i’m so sorry Amy that you’re experiencing that. We washed it but we didn’t experience any rips. My daughter is pretty rough with her car seats as far as dropping her drinks and juice in it. We take road trips alot and so she is frequently drinking in it so as far as the look, i can’t say it’s due to the workmanship but most likely my daughter and her eating and drinking in it. I would maybe try contacting the manufacturer and letiing them know what happened to yours and see maybe if they can replace it?

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