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Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

Keep track of your baby’s vitals with your smartphone. This is the new thing and it’s amazing.

I remember when we first became parents, one of the things I was most scared of was something happening to my babies while they were sleeping. I never wanted to take my eyes off of them when they were so small and delicate, even if it meant sacrificing sleep for myself.

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

The Owlet tracks your baby’s vitals and is designed to alert you if there is something wrong. It’s really simple to use also. There are no cords or plugs. It’s a soft little bootie that goes right on their foot. Then, you simply download an app on your phone to start tracking your baby’s vitals. It works over bluetooth, so if your phone dies or Wifi goes down in the middle of the night, it is still designed to alert you.

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

“Owlet is designed to sound an alert if your child’s heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or if their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold. This alert strategy was determined by a team of pulse oximetry specialists, pediatricians, neonatologists and pulmonologists.”

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone
The device itself is safe and accurate. It’s the same technology that is used at hospitals and doctor’s offices to check blood flow and oxygen levels. 

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

“You might recognize pulse oximetry as the clip they put on your finger at the hospital. A small light shines through your skin and the amount of blood flow and oxygen levels are estimated based on how much light is transmitted to the sensor. We combined this technology with a cuddly Smart Sock to give you an extra set of eyes on your baby while they’re asleep.”

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

It comes with three different sock sizes to fit your child up to 18 months.

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

Owlet gives a mom a little peace of mind at night and lets her get some much needed sleep. Whether your baby is a crib or cosleeper, this little device is amazing.

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor from Smartphone

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