Pageviews DO NOT Equate to Blog Income

how to make money blogging with low pageviews

When I first started blogging I am first to admit that I started doing it all wrong. I put all my eggs into one basket and was paying attention to just one thing.

Getting pageviews.

I knew that I wanted to make money blogging and I thought that pageviews were the way to get there. Fast forward three years I now realize one important thing.

Pageviews DO NOT equate to blog income.

You don’t have to wait to get to a specific number of monthly views in order to start making money. There are two main ways I monetize my blog and neither require that you have a massive number of pageviews each month. They do require, however, a little bit of strategy.

how to make money blogging with low pageviews

Sponsored posts

When I talk about sponsored posts let me be clear. I am not talking about blog posts in exchange for free products. The type of sponsored posts that will help you start making a good income on your blog are posts that you get paid for, in addition to receiving a product(s). 

I absolutely LOVE working with brands. A good chunk of my monthly income comes from sponsored work with companies. Sponsored posts allow me to monetize my blog and have fun with it too. When a company wants me to review toys or gives me gift cards to go shopping for my kids, it’s fun! I get to incorporate them into my blog, which makes it sorta feel as if it’s not really a job at all.

It’s no secret that Sponsored Posts are my JAM!

I give you all my strategies that help me land the jobs I want in my Ecourse Mastering The Art of Working with Brands. I am also including my email templates that I use to pitch and reply to brands, in addition to a media kit template, the Ecourse will also go over what types of posts you need to offer on your media kit and the most asked question – What To Charge.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is making income while you sleep. If you do it right, you can make income over and over again from posts that you just need to write once. That one post can bring you hundreds, thousands of dollars every month, and yes, even while you sleep.

To make income from affiliate marketing you have to think about your reader and why that particular person has or will come to your blog to begin with. If you can’t identify who your reader is and what they are coming to your blog for, then this is the first thing you need to do.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do they have a problem they are trying to solve? Is your post about your affiliate product their solution? Is your catchy title exactly what they searched for in Google?

Identify who your target audience is. Write for them. Write for solutions they might be looking for that you have the answer to.

It’s more than just linking out to an Amazon product in each of your posts. It takes some research and strategy to make affiliate marketing work.

Research products that might help your target reader and find out if those companies have an affiliate program. Being strategic and figuring out how you can help your readers is KEY to converting your readers into customers.

I learned everything I know on affiliate marketing from the E-course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It’s an amazing course and the strategies I learned in the course have helped me make more than I ever have before in affiliate income. Sign up for the course here.

Ultimately, it is smart to have several income streams coming into your blog. Don’t worry so much about pageviews in the beginning. Start thinking strategy and what is going to help you convert the readers that you do have into customers.

Purchase Mastering The Art of Working with Brands HERE.

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