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Pixie Fairy Themed Birthday Party Part 2 || The Girls Turned One and Two!

Pixie Fairy Themed Birthday Party Planning

Both of my girls had birthdays this summer. My toddlers 2nd birthday was in May, and her little sister turned one in July. I am just now getting some time to go through all the photos and editing my favorites and I thought I would share some of their birthday with you here. The theme was Pixie Fairy because they, at the time, LOVED  the movie The Pirate Fairy. My daughter still does love to run around in tutu’s. We had a Pixie Snack station along with a Pixie Dust Supply Station and a craft table. We couldn’t forget the boys though…so we incorporated pirates the pirate theme throughout the girls party.

Pixie Fairies & Pirates Birthday Theme || DIY Birthday Party Planning

The girls had chocolate and white cake and cupcakes, along with some chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles, and of course pixie stix! I found the star stickers at the dollar store and I made my own cupcake toppers and used different colored straws for the cupcake sticks. The banner is just squares cut out of different colored card stock taped to a piece of white yard. I also added balloons to the middle of this table after I took this photo, I had almost forgotten them! The backdrop of the table is a foam board with some fairy fabric, that I found at Joann’s, taped to the front of it.

For snacks at our Snack Station we had cheese balls, cheezits, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered potato chips that we made. Those came out delicious and were a hit with the big and little guests!

And we couldn’t have a party without a life size Tinkerbell pinata!

The Pixie Dust Supply Station is where I laid out all the girls fairy wings and the pirate swords for the boys. They picked them up when they walked in. I found the fairy wings and the swords at the dollar store! I was so excited when I found them. 🙂 Also found at the dollar store were the foam fairy wands that the girls used to paint and decorate at the craft table.

The craft table we called Treasure Chest Art, and it was a BIG hit! The kids kept going back to the table to do more decorating. I found little wooden boxes that looked like Treasure Chests at Joann’s and I had them all laid out at the table for the kids to decorate, along with the foam wands. They used stickers, different colored paints, markers, glitter and mini pom pom’s to decorate.

Pixie Fairies & Pirates Birthday Theme || DIY Birthday Party Planning

Pixie Fairies & Pirates Birthday Theme || DIY Birthday Party Planning Everyone had such a great time.

Pixie Fairies & Pirates Birthday Theme || DIY Birthday Party Planning I can’t wait until next year!


For more info on my daughters Tulle Tutu and our DIY Pixie Fairies and Pirates Invitation, see my first post –Pixie Fairy Themed Birthday Party Planning Part I

Fairy Birthday Party Invitation. Pixie Fairy Birthday Party Planning.

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