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5 Post-Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

Before I had kids I never had any issues with my skin. I used to have pretty balanced skin, maybe a little oily but I’d take oily over cracked and dry any day. Unfortunately, since I’ve had kids, all that has changed. My semi-balanced oily skin has turned into dry patchy skin all over my body, including my face. In addition to having dry skin, after three pregnancies I also developed a few stretch marks around my belly button.


That has me on a continuous search for the perfect skin products. I only use natural products on my skin. I’ve talked about why I made the change to natural products once we started trying to get pregnant.

One of my favorite skin products right now is the Body Butter by Inlight. Inlight Body Butter is an oil-based, water-free formula with high concentration of phytonutrients. It contains all bio-active plant extracts produced in-house and is 100% organic and free from synthetics and chemical fragrances.

I absolutely LOVE this body butter and am getting ready to place an order for another once since I’m almost out. I love that it uses all natural, organic ingredients and I can use it without a second thought while breastfeeding my son. I love it and use it all over my body including my face. It’s so smooth and smells amazing. The dry patches that were on my face are gone, as long as I use this

I use this all over my body, over my stretch marks and also on my face. It goes on so smooth but doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. It smells amazing and I’ve already can tell that my stretch marks aren’t as noticeable. The dry patches that were on my face are completely gone. I find that as long as I use this every day the dry skin stays away.

Organic Body Cream Homeopathic Ingredients for Moms Prenatal Cream

“Every Inlight product features the Bio Lipophilic Matrix®. The culmination of years of research, and the ideal marriage of science and alchemy, the Bio Lipophilic Matrix® consists of a specific blend of pure organic, cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity to the lipidic human skin layer.”


I am addicted to it! The best way to figure out what works for your skin is to try the Body Beautiful Collection by Inlight. This collection includes every one of their products for you to try out including Body Oil with ArnicaBody ButterFoot & Leg Balm, and the Firm & Tone Oil. There’s something for every potential problem area.


Keep reading below for more postpartum skin care tips.

Skin Care Tips Postpartum to get Pre-Pregnancy Skin Back

In addition to moisturizing, there are other ways to help your skin improve after baby.

Hydrate – Drink lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated will actually help reduce water retention and it also helps keep your skin soft. Without water your skin will get dry and flaky. The thing that helps me with getting my water intake is to have a cup or tumbler with me at all times and will continuously fill it up when it’s empty. This helps you remember to drink!

Exfoliate – Use an exfoliating scrub when you are in the shower or bath. Exfoliating is known to help increase the blood flow to your skin and helps create new, healthy and more elastic skin.

Increase Veggie Intake – There are some vitamins that are vital to skin health. Increasing your veggies high in Vitamin C & D will support healthy skin.

Exercise – Excercise helps increase blood circulation which is important for skin and can increase elasticity and skin glow.

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