Potty Train in Three Days – What Every Mom Needs Before Potty Training

how to potty train in 3 days ebook

It sometimes feels like I’ve been potty training the last couple of years.

Oh wait…I have been.

With a 4 year old, a 3 year old and now a nearly 1 year old, there’s been a consistent flow of diapers in and out of the house. And after two down, one to go, I am just now feeling like I got this potty-training thing down.

Here are 10 things YOU NEED as a mother to prepare you for the potty training experience.

1.  Patience

Have patience because things will get crazy and messy and you will get frustrated. But you want to make potty training a positive experience for your child. You want them to be happy to go on their own. If they see you upset or frustrated they will associate negative feelings to the experience.

2. Potty Train in a Weekend

This book gives you the tools to train in 3 days.  Yes, that’s right THREE days. Read it during the week, get what you need and get started on Friday. By Sunday your child will be potty trained! Becky writes every step out to make it a no-brainer. We love this one!

3.  Prepare ahead of time

I suggest reading Potty Train in a Weekend a few days before you actually potty train, because you will want to have all of your ducks in a row.  If you do, it will make your potty training days fly by.

how to potty train in 3 days ebook

4. Big kid underwear

You want your kids to have something to look forward to. So take them out and have them pick out their favorite new set of undies. They will get to wear them as soon as the weekend is over and they are potty trained!

5. Repeat it

Repeat it again and again. Tell them that this weekend we will be using the potty and they will start using the potty like a big kid. If they have siblings you can incorporate it in your conversation. One thing that worked for my second was telling her that she was going to be a big kid now like her older sister.

6. Show them

Take them to the bathroom with you before the start of the weekend. Talk to them and tell them what you are doing and why and let them see that “big people” use the bathroom and don’t go in their pants.

7. Stock up on juice

Push the liquids just a little more than usual to give them more opportunities to go to the bathroom. I say juice because they are more likely to drink, a lot, which means more potty time! But if your kids love water or milk, do that too!

8.  The Big Undie Convo

Start talking to your kids about how all their cousins, siblings and other adults use the bathroom and how big kids wear undies and NOT diapers.

9. Prepare for Accidents

Prepare yourself that things will NOT be perfect. Children will have accidents and even after they are already trained.

10. Choose a time when you can stay home

Being home for the few days you are potty training will make everything easier. In Potty Train in a Weekend, Becky talks about how to use your time at home to potty train. There is a chapter on potty training on the go though, so if you have to be out of the home during that time be sure to read this.

Get Potty Train in a Weekend here.


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    November 1, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Oh God! I was browsing pinterest saw your pin. I immediately smiled because I just published a similar one yesterday, after potty training my daughter in 3 days. I really like yours though because it’s presented from a different angle. So I guess it’s potty training week!:))

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