Getting Out of Auto Photography Guide


This book not only covers the fundamentals of photography for beginners but is also loaded with a ton of creative, out-of-the-box ideas for more advanced shooters that are looking for a boost to help their photos stand out among the rest:

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  • Get Out Of Auto – Learn the ins & outs of taking stand out photos today! If you want to de-mystify your cameras manual settings to control your own exposures and create your own amazing images this book is for you.
  • More Than Manual – Don’t have a manual setting on your camera? Along with manual instructions this book includes tips that will show you how to use the creative program modes (sports mode, night modes, macro, etc.) in your camera to change the look of your images.
  • DSLR & Point & Shoot compatible! – While this book is geared mainly towards DSLR shooters it’s also loaded with tons of tips that point & shoot users can use too!
  • Get Creative – A large part of this book deals with composition, light & advanced creative ideas – topics that users of any camera type can use to improve their photos.


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