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Lubriderm Latina Mom Blogger Review

We our regular Lubriderm®  users here, but when I received our box of them in the mail I was so surprised! I had no idea they offered so many different ones for many uses. We usually buy the Daily Moisture Lotion because it’s gentle and it’s the one I use this on my face and neck every morning and always after a shower. My husband also uses it daily for his face every morning before work. We also use this on our girls. My toddler had eczema when she was little and gets it every now and then at different times of the year, so we have to be cautious of everything we put on her, not surprisingly, Lubriderm®  is one lotion that we can use without any problems.

LUBRIDERM Daily Moisture Lotion

  • Specially formulated, this lotion contains vitamin B5 and other skin essential
  • moisturizers naturally found in healthy skin to improve the moisture barrier for visibly healthier skin. The lightweight formula
  • helps relieve dry skin and prevents dryness from reoccurring throughout the day, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.


I LOVE the fact that Lubriderm® offers one with SPF!

LUBRIDERM Daily Moisture SPF 15

I will definitely be using the Lubriderm®  Daily Moisturizer with SPF during the summer months. It gets into the 90’s and hundreds here in South Texas. The heat and sun iS HARSH around here and I know it can be so damaging to skin, especially now that I am in my 30’s. I sometimes get asked if I am younger than my hubby, which I am NOT, a few years older actually 🙂 I must be doing something right and using SPF regularly can’t hurt! Not only that but SPF on little one’s skin is important too. I want to protect my babies from this harsh sun we have here and I love the fact that you can use a daily moisturizer and not have to worry about applying an additional SPF on top of it.

  • A powerful two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen that hydrates skin
  • with essential moisturizing ingredients, while providing broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with an SPF 15. This clean
  • non-greasy lotion is perfect for everyday use to achieve smoother, healthier-looking skin.

This one is my husband’s favorite. As soon as we got it he took it to work. LUBRIDERM Shea and Cocoa Butter

The Lubriderm® Shae+Enriching Cocoa Butter not only smells nice but it’s as gentle as our morning lotion, so he can use this one regularly, and he does! He keeps this one in his desk at work. He shakes hands all day with clients, so he uses A LOT of hand sanitizer, if he doesn’t use lotion daily on his hands he gets really dry skin.

  • Made with deep nourishing Shea butter and vitamin B5
  • Clinically shown to moisturize for 24 hours
  • Clean, non-greasy feel
  • Use daily to soothe and renew

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  LUBRIDERM Shea and Lavenderjpg

My absolute FAVORITE of them all is the Lubriderm® Shae+Calming Lavender Jasmine. It smells AMAZING!! It’s no secret that the scent of Lavender is calming, espesically when you have active, bouncy toddlers that are showing no slowing down at bed time. We we use Lavender scent in oils in our home, and to now be able to get this in our favorite lotion is AMAZING!

  • Made with deep nourishing Shea butter and vitamin B5
  • Clinically shown to moisturize for 24 hours
  • Clean, non-greasy feel
  • Use daily to soothe and renew


Do you  have a daily moisture routine that you follow with your family? Does it include using different moisturizers throughout the day like us?

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