This resource page contains many of my favorite things. I saw the need to create this page after receiving many of the same questions from readers. I love recommending products that can help other families. I am continually adding to this list so be sure and check back again!


Make Money From Blogging

eBooks & Guides

Start a Blog about Anything & Make Money from it – A guide for moms who want to start a blog or for those who have already started and want to learn how to start making money from it.

Building a Framework ebook – The Ultimate Blogging Guide. This book is written by Abby from Justagirlandherblog. She shares her strategy of how she turned her small craft blog into a business where she now makes over $40k a month.

From 17k to 350k Page Views ebook – This ebook from WhatMommyDoes should be priced well over $100 for everything that it includes but it’s only $25! She give you her top 17 traffic generation tips & theories and a list of what NOT to do in an 82-page e-book.



Mastering The Art of Working With Brands – This is my e-course where I teach you all my strategies that have helped me make a full-time income with my blog.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing  – An Ecourse that changed the way I look at affiliate marketing. Read Blogging’s Best Kept Secret: How I Increased Income + Pageviews in 30 days. This is a MUST TAKE ECOURSE for bloggers serious about monetizing their blog. Within days of taking the course I started seeing increases in click-throughs and then ultimately started getting paid! This ecourse was created by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents where she is now making over $50k a month in affiliate marketing alone.


Blog Resources

The three companies below are the most popular to use by bloggers to start their first blogs. They are all great and have really affordable prices. I will start with the most popular and go down the list!

Bluehost Hosting – Probably the most popular hosting company most bloggers use to set up their first blog. It’s affordable and you get a free domain with it!  Sign up for Bluehost here.

Blogging has become my main source of income, even surpassing the full-time income I was working in my corporate I/T job. Now I get to stay at home with my kids. I think every mother should have the option to stay at home with their kids. With Bluehost Hosting you can start a blog for $3.45 a month and you get a free domain! It’s definitely worth the small investment because you will make your money back! Read more about how I make money from home here >  2 Side Jobs That Make Me $3,000+ per month as a Stay at Home Mom.
Use this tutorial to set up your blog > How To Start a Blog and Work From Home.

HostGator Hosting – This is the hosting company that I use for this blog. I am very happy with it! The customer service is amazing. They are available 24/7 and are always so helpful! Sign up for HostGator here.

Siteground – I don’t have any experience using Siteground but I have heard that it is one of the very best! Sign up for Siteground here.

Genesis Framework – A popular WordPress design that gives you endless options to customize your blog with pretty templates and excellent SEO optimization. It’s what I use on this blog.


Email Management

ConvertKit – Switching from MailChimp to ConvertKit for my email list has been of the best decisions I have made. ConverKit lets you customize your sign-up lists with photos and lets you really customize which forms to display when and on what pages and posts! Before switching I had 300 subscribers in three years and I have now grown by 200 in just a few weeks!


Affiliate Companies

Affiliate Window – Affiliate Window is by far my favorite affiliate company. Now when I recommend things that I’ve purchased on Etsy, like these treat bags we used for our girls Scooby Doo party, I can now receive a commission from them! There is a $5 fee to enroll just to confirm you’re legit but you get that credited back to your account and when you receive your commission check it comes back to you. Etsy is just one of the companies using Affiliate Window there are thousands more! Sign up for Affiliate Window here.



$5 Meals – Our family started using the $5 Meal plan after we struggled to make our own meal plans that worked for us. There were many times that my husband would get off late from work and we still had no idea what we were eating for dinner that night. We just couldn’t decide or we didn’t have everything to prepare the meal we wanted. We were unorganized and we spent too much money ordering out. We were wasteful. The $5 Meal plan is a weekly email subscription that sends you a meal plan and a shopping list every single week for just $5 a month!


Birthday Party Supplies

Zurchers – One of my go-to party supply stores when we’re searching for things our kids themed parties.

Oriental Trading –  One of my favorite places to find things for our kids birthday parties. We have purchased everything from popcorn cups, balloons to more unique things like cotton candy table centerpieces. They have something for every theme that you can think of!


Some links above are affiliate links. However, I only recommend products that I have verified myself or have personally used and love.