Signs of Self-Weaning in Toddlers

5 Reasons to Love Breastfeeding || Reasons to Cherish this time.
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This is the final installment in my “new mom” series. If you missed my last few posts you can check them out here.

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Today I am talking more about breastfeeding, specifically when it comes to an end. In my post – 5 Reasons to Cherish Breastfeeding I talked about how this time will come to an end, and how bittersweet it will be. It really is bittersweet. Suddenly you have a new found freedom, your baby is no longer attached to you 24/7, you can do a little more around the house, a little more time to breathe, by yourself. But, it’s also a little sad to think about. The last time I will ever hold them this way. My little one is now 17 months, and when I decided the topic of this post today, a few months ago, I thought that almost certainly she would be weaned by now… but she isn’t! So I can’t give you full-proof advice on how to wean your little one but she is starting to show some signs she may self-wean soon and that I can definitely talk about.


Signs of Self-Weaning

1. Skipping feedings – my little one no longer needs to nurse throughout the day. She enjoys her regular solids with everyone during the day and does not want to nurse until she gets tired. I have noticed that when she is fussy and tired, she wants to nurse and will nurse herself to sleep.

2. Easily Distracted – When she IS nursing, she gets easily distracted by something or someone, whether it’s her sister playing with toys or a cartoon coming on or song on the radio, she nurses a few minutes then goes on her way.

3. Shorter feedings – She needs less milk in one feeding than before. She can nurse for just a few moments now and be content. She eats more during the day and gets full on her solids, snacks and regular milk and water.

4. More independent – I used to have a baby attached to my hip and feet 24/7, but since she has started self-weaning she is more independent and does not need to be carried as much as she did before. She loves to walk around on her own, dance with her sister and run around after our dogs.


Now obviously for me, since she is 17 months I am ok with her self-weaning, but if you start to notice these signs in a younger baby or a baby you do NOT want to wean you can try to avoid some of these things.

5 Reasons to Love Breastfeeding || Reasons to Cherish this time.

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