Snapchat || The New Way Bloggers Can Monetize Their Blogs

As a blogger I feel like I need to keep up with all the latest social media sites. It seems like there are new ones coming out all the time and it can be so overwhelming! I’ve had the Snapchat app on my phone for literally years and on a whim the other day I decided to login.

What was it that finally make the leap? I mean it feels like I was just getting into Instagram.

I started getting DM’s and comments asking if I was on Snapchat.

And then these new face filters popped up and are probably what finally did me in. Haha.

We are having so much fun with it.

How To Monetize Your Blog with Snapchat

But I will say this…

Since I have joined I have seen a couple of interesting articles about the app.


Like this one from adweek.com.

Snapchat’s Redesign Is Aimed at Attracting More Eyeballs for Publishers and Brands
“If more of an audience is driven to just Discover in general, it becomes more desirable for advertisers,”

And these…

ShopStyle brings e-commerce to Snapchat, with an assist from influencers
“With a more personal and human touch than a brand account, bloggers are quickly migrating their followers to Snapchat from more traditional platforms like Instagram.”

Sephora uncaps new mobile revenue stream via shoppable Snapchats
“Ultimately, retailers with massive followings would be well-suited to hop on the shoppable Snapchat bandwagon as soon as possible, especially if they are looking to bolster their mobile revenue.”

And finally…

Popsugar cracks the code; makes Snapchat shoppable
“It enables brands and bloggers to include links to products in their Snapchat stories so fans can screenshot it and save it for later. 


What this tells me is that Snapchat is slowly becoming the go-to social media site that brands will use to promote and advertise their products, which in turn gives us bloggers another way to monetize our blogs. YAY! 🙂

I love Snapchat because it’s a more personal way to interact with my readers, it’s more casual and shows more of my day to day life and not just the perfect edited photos that get posted on some of my other sites. Most of the time I am using the video option versus the photo capture. I have never been a vlogger, but since Snapchat I’ve gotten more comfortable with my video posting and have realized that I’m loving it!

If you haven’t ventured onto Snapchat yet, now might be a good time. At least get on and reserve your blog name so when the time comes you’re prepared.

Here are a couple of recent snaps from us storyoffive.

Find us on snapchat: storyoffive

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    June 28, 2016 at 8:55 am

    Oh, I know what you mean-social media can be soooooo overwhelming. I’ve also had snapchat on my phone forever, and I very rarely use it. Those face filters are absolutely adorable though! Maybe I need to take your advice and get a headstart <3 Thanks for sharing!

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