Summer Swim Time – Toddler and Baby Learning To Swim

Teaching Babies and Toddlers to Swim #TeachMeToSwim

Teaching Babies and Toddlers to Swim #TeachMeToSwim We went to visit the grandparents not to long ago, when we do, we drive south, and it gets VERY HOT where we go. But the family loves going over there because although it’s hot, we get to cool off in the family pool. When I was younger I never learned how to swim, so one of our goals is to get the girls used to the water at an early age. So far, it seems like they are going to LOVE the water. We got to try out our new swim gear from Swimways too. Take a look at them in action.

Swimways #TeachMeToSwim

My toddler used the Swim Sweater from Swimways and she loved it. She was so independent in the water, she was already kicking her feet and paddling her arms. She is even able to push herself off the edge of the pool without anyone helping her. My husband used to teach swim lessons to kids a few years back and he said it sometimes took kids months to get that part down. Some were scared, some would cry and some out would just refuse but on her first time trying, she let go, all by herself. 🙂



We were always right there with them but we did give my toddler some independence and let her paddle by herself a few times on her own. With the swim sweater it really gave her the confidence to do this.

My baby is most likely going down the same path as her sister. Already loving the water…



No crying at all, just relaxing in the pool on her own in her Spring Float Sun Canopy.

IMG_6674 We had an amazing time and we plan on using the girls Swimways swim gear the next time we are in the pool. I’ll keep you posted on their swimming skills progress!

For more info on Swimways products, you can check out their website at Swimways.com.

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