Swimways Swim Team Ambassadorship

Swimways Swim Team Ambassador

Swimways Swim Team Ambassador

I have exciting news to share with you today… I’ve become a 2014 Swimways Swim Team Ambassador! This means you will be seeing posts this summer about my girls and their progress as we teach them how to swim. My girls are 2 years and 9 mo old, and my hubby has been on me to try to get the girls in the water and learn to swim. Growing up he was a baby-child swim instructor, as well as lifeguard and he would teach tiny little babies and kids to learn how to swim, so he wants our girls to learn how to swim at a really young age. And now that our toddler is turning 2, it’s becoming one of our priorities this summer. Her grandparents also have a pool, so when we go visit them we want her to no only have fun, but also be safe.

Here are a few products that Swimways have sent us to help get them started.

For our 9 month old, we have the Baby Spring Float Canopy with Activity Center which falls under Step 1.


I love this because it not only gives her shade to keep her from getting too hot, but the activity center allows her to play and get comfortable while also getting used to the water. Here is some information taken from the Swimways website.

  • Adjustable, removable canopy provides shade.
  • Interactive play station with activities for every developmental stage.
  • The octopus’ arms hold toys baby can touch and activate: Squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, teether and soft touch star.
  • Folds easily for storage and transport in the included carry/storage case.

Ages: 9-24 months.


For our 2 year old, we have this really neat Swim Sweater from the Step 2 category! swimsweater It’s called a Swim Sweater because they actually wear it, like a sweater! She puts it on, and it has an attached flotation device around the chest. The flotation device is high up so it gives them the most stability and she can sit and float in the water, or it gives her the chance to start learning how to paddle water. Here is some more information on the Swim Sweater taken from the Swimways website.

Asked for by name, the original SwimWays Swim Sweater helps kids explore the water with confidence! The Swim Sweater supports two pre-swimming positions; floating upright, or leaning forward to paddle. The stable, circular design rides high on your child’s chest for maximum stability, and the heavy-duty rubber inner tube has a no-leak valve (the same kind on a bicycle tire) for security.

  • Stable, circular torso design rides high on child’s chest for extra stability.
  • Helps kids learn to balance and paddle in the water – important pre-swimming skills.
  • High quality, brightly colored fabric is soft and comfortable.
  • Great for use during potty training.

Ages: 2-4 years

Swimways is offering a coupon right now to save $1 off the purchase of any 1 pool toy (expires April 30).

I am so excited to get the girls in the water! Make sure to keep a look out for my progress posts coming up summer! Also make sure to check out the Swimways YouTube site because there are demo videos of children using the products.

You can also connect with Swimways on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or Google+.


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    April 22, 2014 at 8:06 am

    Congrats Melanie!!! Swimming is super important. Living in Florida, we have water all around us and I taught my son water safety as a baby and then to swim by age 3-4. They learn quickly (at least mine did) and he is practically a fish!

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