5 of the Best Baby Photo Shoot Ideas – You MUST see 4 and 5

The BEST Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

The BEST Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

Well the time is almost here, what time you ask? Time to brace yourself because you are about to get bombarded by adorable babies. There will be a cuteness overload in a few moments.

My little lovely is turning 8 months in a few weeks and I have decided to do another baby photo shoot with her, before she starts walking, or shall I say running away from the camera most likely. I have attempted a toddler photo shoot with her sister and let’s just say, those photos won’t wind up here. Most of them are blurry or have captured just some part of her back as she attempted to run away from me.

You might have seen my last baby photo shoot with baby when she was just 3 months old. Oh, how I loved this photoshoot. She was so tiny. It’s true what they say….they grow up sooo fast. :0/

Over the past few days I have been scouring Pinterest for our next baby photo shoot and I put together a list of some of the BEST that I have seen. I might be using some of these ideas. Hopefully some of these might inspire your next baby photo shoot.

Note: Unfortunately, some of these Pins did NOT go to their original source site. Most of them went to just a photo as if someone uploaded it, so I don’t know exactly where some of these are from. For these, I have just linked to the original pin.

1. I adore this photo! Put baby in front of a mirror and let her discover herself while you snap away. DIY Baby Photo Tips and Ideas Pinterest source

2. I have seen versions of these photos with baby and stuffed animals but this by far was the cutest that I have seen.

DIY Baby Photo Tips and IdeasPinterest source

3. I am in love with this idea of taking a photo of baby next to each letter and putting it together in a collage. Although I would most likely spell out her name.

DIY Baby Photo Tips and Ideas source

4. Check out this little baker in action. I really love the fun background and the props of course.

DIY Baby Photo Tips and Ideas source

4 & 5. The last two were taken by the same person and you are going to die of cuteness overload right now. First, take a look at these photos. Baby lays on a blanket, then mom setup props all around the baby to set each scene. She captured each month up to a year with a different scene. So adorable!!!

But that isn’t the best part.

DIY Baby Photo Tips and Ideas

DIY Baby Photo Tips and Ideas

Now, you MUST click THIS link to see what else she has done with these photos. They are so creative!! I wish I could go back in time and take some of these each month of my little one.

I am feeling so inspired right now after seeing all these photo ideas. I can’t wait until the baby photoshoot!



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