Baby’s First Food Ideas To Try That are Low Allergy Risk

Baby's First Food Ideas To Try That are Low Allergy Risk
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Lennon started eating solids around 9 months. Before that, he was exclusively breastfed. Turns out, my little one experienced an allergic reaction the first time he tried a piece of biscuit from my husband’s plate. Since then we have found out that he is highly allergic to most of what kids eat. 🙁 (Wheat, Corn, Eggs, Milk and Nuts), a wheat allergy means that bread and crackers are out, eating gluten-free doesn’t help either since most of the gluten-free things are made with corn. He can’t have anything with cheese or butter because he’s allergic to milk. That has left us with a very limited diet but we have been making the most of it so far. Once we started visiting an allergist I started learning more about which foods were safer to try than others. He still hasn’t tried many new things and eats pretty much the same things on rotation, mostly because of the anxiety that comes along with giving him something new to try. The first time we ended up in the hospital. 🙁

Luckily, we have an amazing allergist and pediatrician who have helped us throughout this experience, and it’s highly likely that our son will outgrow most of these in a few years. This is our first time dealing with food allergies. In general, the foods that are least likely to cause allergies are grains like rice and root vegetables. Turns out that wheat though is the most allergenic grain. Egg yolk is typically low allergenic but egg whites contain a protein that can cause allergies.

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We have been scared to introduce many new foods to our son, but here is a list of what he eats and loves pretty much around the clock, with no issues. 

  1. Black Beans – he could eat these every day if he could. He loves them!
  2. Avocado – he can eat avocado by itself or sometimes mixed in with his chicken
  3. Chicken – usually just white meat breast meat I put avocado oil on and put in my instapot
  4. Spinach – usually mixed with chicken in our instapot
  5. Quinoa – usually mixed in with the chicken, these give the chicken a yummy flavor
  6. Butternut Squash – we like to get the precut ones that come in strips, we steam them for just a few minutes and they are ready
  7. Carrots – he eats these every once in a while but not his favorite
  8. Tuna – he loves his meats and he could eat tuna everyday if he could, but we save this for just once a week
  9. Grapes – because they are sweet and yummy
  10. Pineapple – we like to get the canned slices and he loves them
  11. Peaches – fresh or canned he loves his peaches

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Baby's First Food Ideas To Try That are Low Allergy Risk

Baby's First Food Ideas To Try That are Low Allergy Risk

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