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The Best Cruise Lines For Traveling With Kids || 10 Reasons To Cruise with Kids

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This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Celebrity Cruises.

Our family loves to cruise. In fact, when we asked the kids what they wanted to do for our next family adventure, they both yelled – CRUISE!! They had the most amazing time on our last cruise. Most of my friends with kids had never taken a cruise before. But once we returned from our last cruise with Royal Caribbean, and after seeing photos of the kids having fun on the ship – rock climbing and everything they did on the Caribbean islands, they were hooked! Now three of my friends with kids who had never cruised before have all either taken a cruise or have one booked. I am so excited for them! We have been looking into Royal Caribbean’s sister company Celebrity Cruises because they offer so many amazing accommodations, including travel to all of our favorite Caribbean ports + some amazing excursions.

We love the experiences that cruises bring. As a mom of three and one with severe food allergies, we look for travel locations that will be hassle-free, worry-free and easy for us as parents.

Here are 10 reasons to cruise with kids on your next family vacation.

  1. No Cooking – Don’t worry about cooking. There are so many food options onboard you will never get tired of eating the same things. Plus, as a food allergy mom, I know I never have to worry about my son because there are so many allergy-free food options. Cruise lines take this seriously and the restaurant where you eat at will already know your list of allergies even before you get there! My girls love the all you can eat buffets, especially the sweets and my husband and I are big fans of seafood. Hungry during your kid’s naptime? That’s ok, there is room-service too!
  2. No Cleaning – Your room gets cleaned multiple times a day, and there is even laundry service offered! Can’t get much better than that while on a vacation.
  3. All family time – If you are looking for a place where you can spend quality time as a family then a cruise is it. Whether you are taking a nice stroll around the ship, sitting on some beach chairs overlooking the ocean or dinners at amazing restaurants – there are endless ways for you to spend quality family time.
  4. Babysitting Clubs – There are clubs that the kids can be dropped off at during certain parts of the day so that parents can go enjoy some alone time by themselves. This was amazing for us. What made it even better was that the kids really enjoyed the kid’s club. They kept asking to go back!
  5. No are we there yet? – Don’t worry about the kids getting bored. There is always something going on while on the ship. Camp at Sea is a fully customizable program based on the category of your child’s interest, categories include S.T.E.M. Culinary, Art and Recreation.
  6. Activities are taken care of for you – When you cruise, you must book some shore excursions. There are so many family-friendly excursions offered by Celebrity Cruises. Everything from water parks to rock climbing and so much more! The next adventure on our family wish list is snorkeling!
  7.  You get to see lots of places – Depending on the length of your cruise, you will visit multiple ports during your trip. Some top cruise ports in the Caribbean are Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Nassau Bahamas, Belize City Belize, and Falmouth Jamaica.
  8. You may not have to fly – Airfare for a family of five can get expensive. Luckily with a cruise, if you live near or are in driving distance from a port you can see amazing parts of the world without having to fly!
  9. Naptime any time – Don’t worry about the kids getting cranky at inopportune times. Your room is literally an elevator away. Furthermore, if the kids get diry or wet or just upset, you can take an elevator up to your room and back down in a matter of minutes.
  10. No Planning – From the minute you board your cruise ship, you don’t need to worry much about planning, except for maybe what you will wear to dinner that evening. Whether you want to take a walk outside, jump in a pool, go to the spa, eat ice cream or watch a movie. Everything is available to you and you know you’re going to have a great time no matter what you decide.

Best Cruise Lines for Traveling with Kids | Latina Mom Blogger | Latina Travel Blogger | Hispanic mom travel vlogger | Hispanic traveling family | Best mom blogger 2018 Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Best Cruise Lines for Traveling with Kids | Latina Mom Blogger | Latina Travel Blogger | Hispanic mom travel vlogger | Hispanic traveling family | Best mom blogger 2018 Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

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