The True Test – Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat Review

Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo
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You might have seen my post last week about the new Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat that we received, and I mentioned that we would be putting it through a true test this weekend. We went to visit family, more south than us, about a 3 hour drive. More south = hotter! Well, everything this car seat says it does, it ACTUALLY does!

Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo

After some contemplation, we decided that this car seat would be better for our toddler for several reasons. It was roomier, more comfortable and since she is turning 2 in a few weeks, she was switching to a front facing car seat position, so we thought now would be the perfect transition into the new car seat. The car seat we had prior to this one was not comfortable for her. She didn’t have much of a head rest, so when she would fall asleep her head would slouch over. This one looks comfortable enough for me to nap in, so we decided that it would be better, considering the 3 hour drive to visit family, that we give her a more comfortable ride. It worked out perfectly.

She slept almost the entire 3 hours and not once did we see the head slouch over. This probably also had to do with the Up-front, multi-position recline option. We were able to give her a pretty comfortable, yet safe recline on the drive. We took a drive 3 hours south of us and it got up to 90 degrees this past weekend! Even though we have the car A/C on during the hot months, she still would be a little hot in the car seat.  I could tell right away when we took her out of the car seat that she was not as hot as usual. This had to be due to the OUTLAST® Performance Fabric. I also LOVED the way it was so easy to strap her in. Rather than the harness you sometimes have to use all your strength to pull to tighten, for this one, all you do is turn a knob. This is a fantastic feature, probably my favorite feature of this car seat. Our old car seats harness was sometimes so hard to pull to tighten.

Platinum Triumph® LX Convertible Car Seat from Evenflo

Evenflo believes a peaceful ride is a safe ride. Here is some more information on WHY this is true.

  • Distracted moms are more likely to get into an accident
  • When baby is uncomfortable, mom is less safe – attention to road is diverted to baby
  • Car seat innovation is widely focused on minimizing the impact of an accident
  • Evenflo innovation focused on helping to prevent the accident from ever happening, by keeping baby comfortable,
    so Mom can focus on the driving.

And remember the innovative Buckle Pockets I mentioned was probably going to be one of my favorite features? Well, those worked too! It was a lot easier to get the baby out, no tugging, nothing getting caught. Our car was also outside for many hours in the sun and the buckles did NOT get hot like our old car seat. It was amazing.  

The Platinum Protection Series seats also include other popular Evenflo car seat features

  • Infinite Slide™ Harness
  • e3 Side Impact™ Protection
  • SureLATCH® Installation
  • Provides an easy, safe, accurate fit and eliminates any need for rethreading
  • (Symphony DLX, Symphony LX, Triumph LX)
  • Three layers of engineered foam designed and tested to reduce side impact forces up to 50% (Symphony DLX,
    Symphony LX and SecureKid DLX)
  • Advanced LATCH technology for a secure installation:  Just Click, Click, Push for super­fast, super­snug installation in less than 60 seconds
  • (Symphony DLX and SecureKid DLX)

One other perk, she now has her own cup holder! We are so happy with the new car seat. I can tell that our daughter has a more enjoyable ride overall which makes mom really happy.

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